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About 50 Cambodian economic delegation visited NKCL Bio Group to discuss economic cooperation measures

NKCL 2022.06.22 17:25


On the 20th, the Cambodian economic delegation, the Reachsey Association, visiting Korea at the moment, visited NKCL Bio Group Inc. and announced that they discussed ways to cooperate in the bio industry between the two countries.


The Cambodian economic delegation to Korea, the Reachsey Association, means 'great' and 'fury of a tiger' in Khmer. The main members are high-ranking officials at the departmental level or higher in Cambodia's central government department and officials from 25 provincial governments, with about 1,000 members.


The Richsey Association, which visited Korea to discover partners for international cooperation, visited the National Assembly on June 17 right after their arrival, and it is known that they visited the headquarters of NKCL Bio Group for the bio industry in Cambodia. The Richsey Association showed great interest in the direction of the global bio industry, cell culture technology, and future growth potential of NKCL Bio Group, and expressed its intention to actively exchange and cooperate.


On this day, 20 high-ranking officials from the Cambodian government, including 'Teng yuthy' (Senator Member, Advisory Council President of Reachsey Association), Som saroeun (Chairman of Reachsey Association), Ung Saravann (Vice President of Royal School of Admin, Vice President of Reachsey Association), and 30 businessmen, total about 50 people, including young people, visited. They listened to presentations on the operation status, know-how, cell culture technology of NKCL Bio Group’s bio business in Korea, and had Q&A session about investment attraction and business cooperation to foster the bio industry in Cambodia.


In addition, although it was not possible to open all the internal sites due to the security of the culture system, the association officials directly toured some of the NK cell culture centers and admired the scale and system.


NKCL Bio Group’s Chairman Dong-hwa Shin said, “Currently, the company is preparing a local support program for overseas expansion as well as domestic market. NKCL will actively cooperate to play a role in laying the foundation for the development of Cambodia's bio industry. We expect that the visit of the Richsey Association will serve as a good opportunity for mutual development between the Republic of Korea and Cambodia.”


In response, an official from the Richsey Association said, "I am delighted to be able to enhance my understanding of NKCL's advanced biotechnology through this visit to Korea, and to discuss the possibility of joint development in the next-generation technology field."


Currently, the Richsey Association is carrying out activities to promote friendship between countries, such as social relief volunteer work in Cambodia, as well as activities as a private diplomatic ambassador, and promoting friendship through sports.


The Cambodian economic delegation's visit to NKCL Bio Group was made through the recommendation of Kim Yeon-guk, chairman of the International Small and Medium Business Export Association, a Korean partner of the global cooperation network.

International Small and Medium Business Export Association’s Chairman Kim Yeon-guk said, “I hope that this will be a good opportunity for NKCL Bio Group to enter the Cambodian bio market by revitalizing economic exchanges at the private level through various information exchanges and as a window for business support between companies in both countries.” He added.


Meanwhile, officials from the Cambodian economic delegation visited and showed great interests in Premium Immune Bakery Cafe, a subsidiary of NKCL Bio Group, to enjoy simple meals and desserts, to learn a lot about the unfamiliar item called 'immune bread', which has adopted a microbiome strain technology that is in charge of our body's immune system.