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NKCL Bio Group, won '2022 Luxury Brand Grand Prize' twice

NKCL 2022.04.01 16:45


NKCL Bio Group Inc. won the ‘2022 Luxury Brand Awards’ for two crowns.


The '2022 Luxury Brand Grand Prize' is an award hosted by the Korea Economic Daily and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Brand Management Association.


This year is the 18th year, and it is conducted to discover popular luxury brands every year to improve the level and quality of consumer products in Korea, thereby contributing to strengthening national competitiveness.


In particular, including NKCL, brands that received high evaluation in numerous criteria such as market share, high-end image, recent use experience, price/quality satisfaction, and repurchase intention were selected as the final award-winning brands.


NKCL Bio Group Inc., a bio-specialized company that researches and develops NK cell therapeutics through differentiated immune cell culture technology based on a Personalized Immune Care platform, received the honor of 2 crowns in both categories of NK Cell Therapy and NK Immune Water.


First, the NK cell therapy, which won the '2022 Luxury Brand Grand Prize', is a personalized solution for enhancing 'immunity', a key business of NKCL Bio Group Inc., is characterized by no strain on the patient's body and almost no side effects.

 NKCL’s cell therapy products can control excess immunity that can occur due to abnormalities in the immune system. By adjusting the immune balance of the body through this control power, it enhances the fundamental immunity and blocks the expression of fundamental symptoms.

The other product of awarded, 'NK Immune Water' uses premium-grade deep sea water produced only in five countries including Korea, in the world, with the concept of 'water closest to my body', with a mineral balance (magnesium 3: Calcium 1: potassium 1) it increases the absorption rate in the body.

In addition, since the deep sea maintains a low temperature of average 1 degree Celsius, viruses such as pathogens and bacteria cannot be generated, and it has the advantage of possessing a significantly higher mineral content compared to groundwater and general mineral water.


An official from NKCL Bio Group said, “Winning the 2022 Luxury Brand Grand Prize is an achievement that has been objectively recognized for its efforts to improve the level and quality of Korean consumer products and achieve consumer satisfaction in the fields of immune products and NK cell therapy products. In particular, the award is more meaningful as it was evaluated for its ability to contribute to strengthening national competitiveness.”


Meanwhile, NKCL Bio Group Inc. received the honor of being awarded along with GS E&C, Nonghyup Economic Holdings, Daesang F&B, Shinhan Bank, and Genesis BBQ.