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[2021 The Best Brand of Consumers’ Choice]

NKCL 2021.10.26 14:22

Only 5 Nations are able to produce deep sea water, which activates Immune Cells.

NKCL Bio Group Inc. NK Immune Water



/Image provided by NKCL Bio Group Inc.


Deep sea water ‘NK Immune Water’ of NKCL Bio Group Inc. was nominated and selected as the best brand in the natural mineral water category.


NK Immune Water is a premium deep-sea water with high mineral, has a standard size of 500ml and two versions in 350ml size which can be mixed and drink with water mixable NKCL products.

As its catchy phrase of ‘Water that is close to my body,’ it is composed with the mineral balance of Magnesium 3 : Calcium 1 : Potassium 1, that is similar to human body fluid, which enables rapid absorption in the body.


There are only 5 nations, including Korea, where can produce deep sea water in worldwide. Because it is clearly separated from the surface of ocean water due to lack of the sunlight, it blocks the external contaminations and reproduction of micro-organisms.

Therefore, it is safe and clean to drink. Especially, its characteristic of low temperature and cleanness due to its existence of below a depth of 200m, NK Immune Water contains high mineral contentment of plentiful minerals such as magnesium, calcium etc.

In general, groundwater or bottled water contains only 10-20 mineral content hardness, however NK Immune Water contains high 200 hardness, its hardness helps to activate our immune cells in the body. 


NKCL Bio Group Inc. is the ‘Immune Care’ corporate that secures the best exports in Korea in the cultivation technology. This corporate, which researches and develops personalized immune cell treatment, is leading mass production and popularization of NK immune cell treatment through Artificial Intelligence adopted GMP certified and automated cultivation system.


On the other hand, NKCL is processing active PPL marketing in various K-dramas. By exposing products indirectly in the popular K-dramas, such as MBC ‘On the Verge of Insanity,’ tvN ‘Highclass,’ ‘Hospital Playlist 2,’ etc., NKCL is approaching consumers friendly. After the broadcast, inquiries on NK Immune Water have continued and sales have also increased, leading to promotional effects.


NKCL is also carrying out its global marketing activities by supporting the online K-pop Concert, ‘2021 THE BOYZ & ATEEZ ONLINE LIVE’ co-produced and transmitted by LG U+ and Japanese telecommunication company ‘KDDI.’