Personalized Immune Cell Treatment NKCL Classic

NKCL Classic (NKCLC) Lists on Bitrue, Followed by Their Initial Listing on UNISWAP

NKCL 2021.08.26 11:00



NKCL Classic (NKCLC) announced at 10 a.m. (UTC+0) on the 31st that they will list on Bitrue. It is their second consecutive listing after their initial listing on the 18th on UNISWAP, the swap exchange with the highest trading volume.


 The NKCLC Project uses blockchain technology as a foundation to build a personalized biodata platform, NKCL Bio-Blockchain. It has partnered with Korean bio company NKCL Bio Group for a system agreement to record and operate on blockchains the history, usage, clinical results, and other information on NK immune cells which are automatically cultivated by NKCL Bio Group.

NKCLC is the first brand token of the NKCL platform. A brand token is a token used as a payment method for a specific business division or brand. NKCL Classic is used on the NKCL Platform, including designated hospitals for NK cell treatment, cancer centers, anti-aging centers, and various online and offline shopping centers. It is also planning to provide discounts and promotion benefits when paying through NKCL Classic in the GMP automated cultivation division.


 Bitrue is a medium to large-sized global exchange ranking 10-15th in trade volume according to the coin market cap. It boasts over three billion dollars in trade per day. Bitrue operates a BTR Vote system where the exchange users vote on whether a token should list. The NKCLC token will conduct a BTR Vote for twenty-four hours beginning at 10 a.m. on August 26th. After the vote, the user can receive NKCLC tokens according to the number of depleted BTR tokens (Bitrue’s own token). Staking will be held for seven days using the tokens that are provided. The total awarded amount to the participants will be about fifty thousand US dollars’ worth of NKCLC.

Also, an NKCLC trading contest will be held beginning the day of listing. About about fifty thousand US dollars’ worth of NKCLC will be awarded.


 UNISWAP, where NKCLC was initially listed, is an exchange that has best realized the idea of decentralizing blockchain technology. It is considered in the industry to have the highest growth potential exchange for the next year. UNISWAP’s daily trade amounts to eight billion dollars, the highest in trade among swap exchanges. The NKCLC Foundation was praised for swift responses to future cryptocurrency exchange trends by listing first on UNISWAP.


 “We have agreed on a strategic partnership with GSR, which had managed Ripple Foundation’s liquidity supply. We plan to build a global NKCLC ecosystem in the global market,” a member of NKCLC said. “We plan to list consecutively on two large global exchanges, and ten more in our steps forward.”


 GSR is a cryptocurrency financial innovation company that was established in 2013. It manages liquidity supply and risk management with cryptocurrency project teams, private equity firms, and over thirty exchanges around the world.