Personalized Immune Cell Treatment NKCL Classic

NKCL Classic (NKCLC) enters global entry with aggressive global listing strategy

NKCL 2021.09.10 09:51

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NKCL Classic listed on Uniswap and Bitrue consecutively on August 20th and September 1st.

GYEONGGI-DO, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / September 9, 2021 / NKCLC is the first brand token of the NKCL platform. A brand token is a token used as a payment method for a specific business division or brand. NKCL Classic is used on the NKCL Platform, including designated hospitals for NK cell treatment, cancer centers, anti-aging centers, and various online and offline shopping centers. It is also planning to provide discounts and promotion benefits when paying through NKCL Classic in the GMP automated cultivation division.

The NKCLC Project uses blockchain technology as a foundation to build a personalized biodata platform, NKCL Bio-Blockchain. It has partnered with Korean bio company NKCL Bio Group for a system agreement to record and operate on blockchains the history, usage, clinical results, and other information on NK immune cells which are automatically cultivated by NKCL Bio Group.

Uniswap is the first leading swapping exchange in trading volume. And it is a decentralized exchange based on Ethereum and has no order book or chart. One can easily choose the token and amount to swap and swap it with Ethereum. There are no middlemen, hence no commission charges - only the gas charges for Ethereum.

The token price is not decided by supply and demand like in the existing virtual money exchanges. It is decided by the Ethereum in the liquidity pool and the number of tokens subject to swapping. In order to make a trade, users can connect to the Uniswap website to synchronize their MetaMask or other wallets, then apply to swap their Ethereum or USDT into the coin of their choice.

On the other hand, Bitrue is a medium to large-sized global exchange ranking 10-15th in trade volume according to the coin market cap. It boasts over three billion dollars in trade per day. Bitrue operated a BTR Vote system where the exchange users vote on whether a token should list.After the vote, the user received NKCLC tokens according to the number of depleted BTR tokens (Bitrue's own token). Staking will be held for seven days using the tokens that are provided. The total awarded amount to the participants was about fifty thousand US dollars' worth of NKCLC. At the same time, NKCLC trading contest were held beginning the day of listing. About fifty thousand US dollars' worth of NKCLC will be awarded after contest ends.

NKCLC was listed on Uniswap at twenty-four dollars and now exceeding thirty-five dollars. The increasing value of NKCLC can be seen elsewhere. Currently, NKCLC has a global Telegram community with 43,000 users and 2.45 million Weibo followers. Expectations for NKCLC are leading to an increase in value.

NKCLC and foundation are focusing on PR activities targeting global users by listing on exchanges consecutively from medium sized to large global exchange. In the way, NKCLC is planning to expand its ecosystem and increase global liquidity in the global market. It has an aggressive listing strategy with the goal of listing global major exchanges within this year, and is going to be listed on 10 major exchanges including global major exchanges sequentially.

Meanwhile, NKCLC Foundation is working with System 9 team to list NKCLC. System 9 is a market maker and trader that maintains active partnerships with large overseas exchanges and project teams such as Bitrex, IOTA, and Bitru and manages customers.

System 9 is headquartered in the United States and aims to adhere to traditional financial methods and provide transparency and clarity to customers and ecosystems as a whole.