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NKCL Bio Group is introduced to the viewer through tvN new K-drama “High Class.”

NKCL 2021.09.10 10:14



NKCL Bio Group Inc. is Supporting the production of tvN Mon/Tuesday drama, ‘High Class.’ NKCL Bio Group is also progressing PPL on other popular dramas including recent drama, < On the Verge of Insanity>.


‘High Class’ is a dangerous and secret mystery suspense genre drama about lies and hypocrisy hidden behind the perfect life of 0.1% of high-class women in Korea. Casting luxury line up of outstanding actresses Cho-Yeo Jeong, Kim-Nam Hee, and Kim- Ji Soo, the drama drew attention with a huge expectation. High Class’s first episode aired on the 6th and overwhelming sense of immersion along with outstanding performance, the drama ranked in first place compare to the same time dramas with rating of 4.8% in Seoul metropolitan area and rating 4.5% in nationwide.


NK Immune water uses deep ocean water with the depth of 200m under the sea level. it is a clean seawater that is safe from environmental contamination due to it is in the deep ocean where sunlight cannot reach.


It is rich in various inorganic salts and natural minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, that are necessary for human body, the water contains much higher mineral contents than groundwater or bottled water products.

Small water molecular particles aged for 2,000 years under the deep sea with mineral balance of Magnesium 3 : Calcium 1 : Potassium 1, which is similar to human body fluid, enable rapid absorption in the body.


NK Immune water has a standard size of 500ml and two versions in 350ml size which can be mixed and drink with water mixable NKCL products.


An official of NKCL Bio Group said “NKCL decided to support the production of the drama ‘High Class’ since the luxurious images of performing actors and actresses and its content of showing lifestyle of high- class are well fitting with the concept of NK Immune Water”. “NKCL is planning to continuously show its differentiated brand value to the all kinds of people through various channels” he said.