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NKCL Bio Group establishes ‘NKCL Microbiome Research Institute’ with Professor Yoon-Bokgeun, the best authority on Microbiome in South Korea.

NKCL 2021.01.15 18:16

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NKCL Bio Group establishes an incorporate laboratory, ‘NKCL Microbiome Research Institute.’ The institute will be managed and lead by Professor Yoon-Bokgeun, the best authority on Microbiome in Korea, and it is planned to not only finding new strains, researching metabolic products, and developing products, but also researching and conducting massive cultivation technique for production autonomously.

Professor Yoon is the founder of the Korean Microbiome Foundation, and leading Korean microbiome industry worldwide by holding Microbiome Industrialization Forum as well as the International Microbiome Industrialization Conference in Korea. 

Microbiome is a compound word of Microbe, the living organism in the body and Biome, the ecosystem, which indicates genetic information of microorganism and co-living microorganism with the human, the host.
Most microbiome inhabits in intestine, and intestine microbe weighs only 1-3% of human weight, but it plays a major role in the human metabolism process and immune function control. 

70% of immune cells are concentrated in the intestines, and when pathogens such as viruses and germs break in, beneficial intestinal bacteria, that play a beneficial role in the human body, establish the defense system and when the small intestine is stimulated, the Peyer’s Patch on the mucous membrane creates an immune antibody. This is the immune system of intestine and through the immune system, about 4 grams of antibodies are produced daily in adults’ body. Microbiome creates a natural vaccine to establish the immune system healthy. Already through various researches and studies worldwide, microbiome is discovered to be highly related to the treatment of various human body disease such as obesity, diabetes and atopic dermatitis as well as cancer, autoimmune diseases and depression. 

All the human body has different intestinal microbial environments, but it is the key to maintain the ratio balance of 85 : 15 of beneficial and harmful bacteria to have healthy intestinal microorganisms. An NKCL Bio Group official said, “Providing Personalized Immune Care, NKCL Bio Group decided to expand its business to a new microbiome field because the concept of microbiome and the brand concept of NKCL Bio Group co-matches well enough to expand its business to a new microbiome field. 
According to Frost & Sullivan, the global market research firm, microbiome is actively industrialized in the fields of agriculture, cosmetic, medical, food, and environment, and the market size of global microbiome has grown up to 7.6%, 81.1 billion dollars in 2019, and it is expected to expand to 108.7 billion dollars in 2023. 

Moreover, in respond to the paradigm shift due to the fourth industrial revolution, the government selected microbiome as the first industrial field in the five promising fields to develop as a new converging green-bio industry to come up with a new growth strategy at the 3rd Innovative Growth Strategic Conference held in 2020. The government has decided to expand the size of microbiome industrial from 29 billion dollars in 2019 to 73 billion dollars, a ratio of 8.7% annual average growth. The main focus was the projects presented on constructing database of intestinal microorganism and food microbial multiomics, which is the genome analysis for disease research, and food microbiome industrial reinforcement.  

Along with the trend, NKCL Microbiome Research Institute enhances industrial competitiveness through producing healthy food with microbiome. And on the other hand, under the institute branch, NKCL Microbiome Inspection Center will be established, providing intestinal microbiome analysis services. 
Intestinal microbiome is also referred as ‘Second Genome,’ getting attention as the indicator of healthy status because it affects internal metabolic control, digestive ability and various diseases. NKCL Microbiome Inspection Center confirms Intestinal microbiome that human body needs, diagnose various diseases, and prevent diseases in advance. 

Reference data of Intestinal microbiome analysis, which provides comparison standard, is very important because according to the environmental variables the analysis results varies greatly. Even with the same sample, completely different results can be drawn by the reference data. NKCL Intestinal Microbiome Center is recruiting professional researchers who has professional reading techniques, and setting a goal to establish the most professional intestinal microbiome inspection center. 

NKCL Microbiome Research Institute plans to establish intestinal microbiome transplant center by cooperating with functional medical hospitals after establishing intestinal microbiome inspection center. 
It is also planned to expand the bio business fields to microbiome treatment field through fecal microbiota transplantation, the transplanting treatment with received healthy intestinal microbiome to the patients who suffer from intestinal diseases. 

Shin donghwa, the Chairman of NKCL Bio Group quoted a quotation of Bill Gates, the Founder of Microsoft, that there are three healthcare technologies to change the world: immunotherapy, microbiome, and dementia treatment. And he continued, “in addition to the technology of NK immune cell treatment, NKCL Bio Group holds the bio technology of microbiome through microbiome research institute, leading by Professor Yoon. NKCL Bio Group will step up efforts to build an immunity reinforcement system through NK cell cultivation technology and microbiome technology.”
Also emphasized, “this establishment of NKCL Microbiome Research Institute will lead to us to start the microbiome research under the national projects that gives right to carry out a patent for the strains. Please look forward the new business development of NKCL Bio Group.”

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