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NK Immune Cafes Open in Gwangju, Gyeongnam, Busan and Ulsan Simultaneously

NKCL 2020.12.05 14:41

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The daily number of newly confirmed COVID-19 patients surpassed the 500 mark for the first time in eight months since the outbreak of the pandemic in early March. Now is a time when immunity management is more important than ever. This is why NK Immune Cafe, which seeks to establish an immunity boosting lifestyle with the aim of enhancing the immunity on national level is drawing attention from the industry.

Since NKCL Bio Group (hereinafter NKCL) opened NK Immune Cafe at its headquarters in Dongtan in September, about 130 NK Immune Cafe applications were received. In November, NKCL opened NK Immune Cafes in Seocho-gu Seoul, Gwangju Jeonnam, Gyeongnam, Busan, and Ulsan, simultaneously.

Starting in Changwon on the 25th, a total of seven NK Immune Cafes were opened simultaneously in Gyeongnam alone. A NKCL official said that at least 5 to 10 additional cafes will be opened across the country within this year, including Gangnam and Seonneung in Seoul, Asan in Choongnam, and Suwon in Gyeonggi.

At the simultaneous opening ceremony of seven cafes in Gyeongnam, major figures, including Chairman Shin Dong-hwa of NKCL, CEO Kang Eun-hye of Act I&G, a distribution company, and other executives attended the tape cutting ceremony.

NKCL is a bio company that researches and develops immune cell therapy using NK immune cells based on its excellent technology. It is leading the mass production and popularization of immune cell therapy, and as a leading company in the field of immunity enhancement, NKCL is releasing a variety of immune care products and bio programs utilizing bio technology.
NK Immune Water, the basic item of NK Immune Cafe, is a high-mineral premium deep ocean water product, consisting of a mineral balance similar to human body fluids. The water provides the most ideal balance in minerals for human body. Such balance helps smooth blood circulation and prevents cancer cell metastasis.

Kim Nam-hee, director of NKCL's distribution division, said, "We will introduce various menus that actively utilize NK Immune Water in NK Immune Cafes in the future. NK Immune Water's usability is endless. For example, our health functional food NK Cordycep Gold 300 includes cordycephine, a key substance in the cordyceps militaris. If you drink it with NK Immune Water, its rich mineral contents will double the effect of cordycephine. We're also planning to release NK Immune Coffee that uses NK Immune Water soon. Through the immune cafes, we will boost our brand and expand our business areas." The upcoming NK Immune Coffee is an authentic pin drip coffee in which G7 Premium Coffee Line, the leading Vietnamese coffee brand meets NKCL's immune activating substances.
Chairman Shin Dong-hwa of NKCL said in a pep talk, "Pioneering new business areas is the way to continue the brand's reputation. We are looking forward to the synergy and promotion effect of NKCL brand through NK-Immune Cafes."

Hong Yoo-hyun, director of Gwangju Seo-gu branch NK Immune Cafe, which was created by combining two 300-pyeong buildings, said, "I know the symbolic meaning of NK Immune Cafe, so I opened it and won the title as the first. We will do our best to show synergy with NKCL's brand value and Gwangju's strong unity and maintain the title of the first in the future." He said with great pride and strong confidence. 

Do Min-sun, director of Busan Dongrae-gu branch NK Immune Cafe, said "I'm pleased to participate in the new venture of NK Immune Cafe business at a time when many people are interested in immunity and NK cells." Lee Sang-won, director of Kimhae Jangyu branch NK Immune Cafe, said, "It is an honor to meet NKCL Bio Group and participate in helping people to keep good health. I'm glad that we can now do something for people suffering from immune diseases."
Oh Hyun-seok, director of Busan Buk-gu branch NK Immune Cafe, said, "We believe in the NK cell cultivation technology and capabilities of NKCL Bio Group. I'll do my best to let people know of the importance of NK cells and immunity." Kim Sung-tae, director of Busan Gangseo-gu branch NK Immune Cafe, said, "We were able to work together because we had faith in the potential of NKCL Bio Group." I can see and feel that NKCL is growing. I'm grateful for this business opportunity that also reshaped my thinking."

Nam Ki-yoon, director of Gyeongnam Changwon branch NK Immune Cafe, said, "I think about why God led me here. I will work with NKCL Bio Group to popularize the NK cell therapy through NK Immune Cafe." Kim So-yeon, director of Busan Saha branch NK Immune Cafe, said, "I want to grow with NKCL. I will follow the business direction of NKCL headquarters and use the offline channels well by paying attention to new trends." Lastly, Lim Chang-hyun, director of Busan Jin-gu branch NK Immune Cafe, expressed confidence with sharp analysis, saying, "I will try to find a way to promote NKCL products suitable for the Busan area. To that end, I'm in consultation with marketing experts."

Whether NKCL, the company that always led the new paradigms in the bio industry by introducing new concepts and innovations, will be able to set another milestone in the field of immune care products or not is drawing much attention.