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NKCL Bio Group Draws Attention with Its Unmanned Cafes

NKCL 2020.12.29 15:31

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NKCL Bio Group is opening 'NK Immune Cafes' which combine the company's immune care platform with non-face-to-face unmanned cafe.

As the number of daily confirmed cases hit 1000, all activities are subject to greater social and economic constraints. But NKCL Bio Group is taking advantage of the situation by focusing on the keyword 'non-face-to-face' for growth. The company aims to make a breakthrough in this Corona recession with its NK Immune Cafes.

According to NKCL Bio Group, opening a cafe requires high initial costs and expertise. Besides rent, machine installation and table spaces should also be considered. Above all, professional coffee machines have many kinds and are expensive, so a large early capital is needed, and even if they are equipped with good machines, the quality and taste of coffee can depend on the proficiency of the barista. On the other hand, non-face-to-face unmanned cafes can reduce the initial cost and labor costs of cafe owners and maintain a consistent taste.

In particular, NK Immune Cafe utilizes the automated cell cultivation system in setting up the unmanned cafe's automation system. It is easy to manage since much of the works are automated and can be remote-controlled. The unmanned automated coffee machine of NK Immune Cafe not only provides a safeguard for Corona virus but also visual pleasure by enabling promotional advertising. In addition, the multi-immune bread vending machine, which can display desserts as well as drinks, has a built-in refrigeration function, allowing display and promotion at the same time as dessert sales.

For example, Gwangju Seo-gu branch NK Immune Cafe, which was the first to be opened, has sublimated itself into a cultural space by utilizing NK Immune Cafe's differentiated immune concept. Leveraging the benefits of the management automation system, the company focused on business, culture, and product experiences, making it a cafe and a complex cultural space at the same time.

NKCL Bio Group is preparing to sell and distribute unmanned automated coffee machines nationwide. It is also set to launch a new product called NK Immune Coffee. NK Immune Coffee does not rely on conventional coffee extraction method. It is an authentic pin drip coffee in which G7 Premium Coffee Line, the leading Vietnamese coffee brand meets NKCL's immune activating substances.

A NKCL Bio Group official said, "In a new attempt to fit the current situation, we made the NK Immune Cafe to get around various COVID-19 restrictions. Also, in step with the demands for immunity enhancement and non-face-to-face culture in this time of pandemic, NKCL Bio Group has been making business decisions and products with emphasis on the untact feature. With the unmanned automation system technology at the forefront, we will continue to move forward by demonstrating our rapid crisis response capabilities."
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