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NKCL BIO Group Inc. Announced Preclinical Results at 2022 International Conference: Korean Society of Molecular and Cellular Biology

NKCL 2022.10.04 16:22


NKCL Biogroup announced that it had presented the preclinical results of NK cell therapy at the '2022 International Conference: The Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology' (KSMCB) on the 30th.

The Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology, a world-renowned academic conference on cell biology, is held at the Jeju International Convention Center from September 28 to 30 this year.


In the human immune system, NK cells are the most powerful immune cells that remove abnormal cells from the body. Its ability to remove cancer cells to prevent the occurrence, proliferation, metastasis, and recurrence of cancer has been confirmed, and worldwide research is being actively conducted as a cancer treatment without side effects using natural immunity.

An official of NKCL Bio Group Inc. said, “The NK cell therapy was tested for breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, and kidney cancer. Based on the preclinical results showing a higher anticancer effect compared to the cisplatin control group, it is confirmed that the NK cell therapy of NKCL has an excellent ability to kill cancer cells.” said.

(* Cisplatin: A chemical anticancer drug widely used for cancer treatment, which has good initial effects but has large side effects and causes cancer cells to develop resistance)


Meanwhile, NK cell immunotherapy, which is the core business of NKCL Bio Group, is a cell therapeutics that has an excellent effect on killing cancer cells. It is possible to commercialize a drug for the purpose of treating cancer or rare diseases at an early stage by obtaining conditional approval after phase 2 clinical trials.

Based on the successful preclinical results of NK cell therapy, NKCL Bio Group has completed the CRO contract for clinical 1/2a.

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