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NKCL Bio Group Targets Global Immune Cell Treatment Market worth $100 billion by Differentiating Its Technology Competitiveness

NKCL 2020.02.14 14:22

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NKCL Bio Group Inc. (hereinafter referred to as 'NKCL Bio Group') is a Korean bio company that researches and develops immune cell treatment using NK immune cells. The company was launched this year, after an extensive partnership formed between GK Global Group who led the Korean Wave medical business with anti-aging centers in Korea and major cities in China, and the laboratory that focused its research on immune cell treatment for more than a decade.

In 2016, the World Economic Forum selected trends of the next fourth industrial revolutions as new conceptual medical fields, including bio-technology and oil fields. Also, according to medical researchfirm Kelly Scientific Publications, immune-cell therapy accounted for about 50 percent of the entire cancer treatment market in 2016 alone, and the market size reached about $54 billion, with growth expected to exceed $100 billion in 2022 with rapid growth going forward.

By differentiating technology competitiveness, NKCL Bio Group is seeking to target the $100 billion global market for immune-cancer drugs as well as the treatment of anti-aging and autoimmune diseases. Industries are expecting that market impact will be significant if it is first commercialized in South Korean businesses since there are no NK cells treatment that have been commercialized 


NKCL Bio Group’s official has said “The group said it possesses the core technology of NK cell cultivation, which is essential for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases and antioxidants, and it will quickly dominate the immune cell treatment market through the specialization of 'targeted therapy' and 'automated cell cultivation.’”

The key to commercialization of NK cell therapy is its ability to grow cells in large quantities. NK cells are harder and more difficult to cultivate than other immune cells, and more NK cells must be injected to eliminate cancer cells and disease-causing cells in the human body.

NKCL Bio Group has dramatically increased the number of NK cells cultured through specialization of manufacturing technology of culture environment and source technology of culture optimized for NK cell cultivation. The average number of NK cells cultivated between 2 to 4 billion cells was achieved, compared to the previous 200 to 400 million cells cultured using the technique.

Also, NKCL Bio Group not only increased the number of cells cultivated, but also increased the efficiency of NK cells to the maximum through target therapy techniques. In general, when NK cells are administered for cancer treatment purposes, only about 10 percent of NK cells attack cancer, and other NK cells have dispersal effects on other non-fatal diseases. But NKCL Bio Group has rapidly increased the rate of NK cells attacking certain cancers through targeted treatment, and is conducting research on treatment for five major cancers (lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer) which have a high incidence rates of occurrence.

Especially NKCL Bio Group is pushing to develop an automated system that can automate the cultivation of NK cells by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) that can find the culture environment optimized for cultivation of NK cells, away from the existing culture method that relies on specialized research personnel. It will contribute to the realization of the quantification and popularization of NK cell therapy by reducing production costs and lowering procedure prices by more than 100 times, the company officials emphasized.

In addition, by controlling the cultivation process with artificial intelligence, human error can be prevented in advance, quality of overall production is improved, and technology leakage through human resources is blocked.

"We will lead the global immune cell therapy market through technological competitiveness of NKCL Bio, including the number of NK cells cultivation, targeted treatment, and automated system." said Chairman Shin Dong-hwa of NKCL Bio Group. "In particular, we will make efforts to accelerate our advance into China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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