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NKCL Bio Group launches ‘Dried Bio-cellulose Mask pack’ on Christmas Eve

NKCL 2020.02.18 13:53
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NKCL Bio Group launches ‘Dried Bio-cellulose Mask pack’ on Christmas Eve

NKCL Bio Group Inc. (referred to as ‘NKCL Bio’) launched on 24th December, 4 types of ‘NKCL Dry Bio-Cellulose Mask Pack’ in which a medical ingredient, Dried Bio-cellulose, was used on the production.

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NKCL Bio is a bio enterprise devoted to research to utilize NK cells for NK Immunity Cell Treatment. Planning to build NK Cell GMP Automated System at around 3,300m2 scale, the company is recognized in the industry that it will popularize and mass-produce immunity cell treatment. Also, NKCL Bio is planning to launch various retail goods covered with its brand concept, “Personalized Immunity Care Platform”. First of which is “NKCL Bio Mask Pack” that will be released on Christmas Eve.

NK Dried Bio-cellulose Mask pack made of ingredient, Dried Bio-cellulose, which was listed as a medical material in United States Pharmacopeia (USP) as well as cosmetics material

USP, published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Commission, is a certification that establishes public standards for medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements that are manufactured, distributed and consumed around the world, although it is United States Pharmacopeia. Dried Bio cellulose is listed in USP with its name registered as ‘DRY BIO CELLULOSE’.

Dried bio-cellulose is a medical material used for wound protection, anti-inflammatory patches, and long-term patches for arthritis patients. Not only is it made of natural substances, but it also has the properties of aseptic and anaerobic agents, which makes it applicable to skins. It is also an optimized material for Mask Pack development since it has the ability to absorb water 200 times heavier than it is in a dried state. NKCL Bio, utilizing this medical ingredient, Dried Bio-Cellulose, on Mask pack to increase the absorption rate of effective ingredients, moisturization, adhesion, and cooling ability (backed up by a clinical test result of 5℃ decrease on the skin surface).

NKCL Dried Bio-Cellulose Mask Pack that will be released this time has 4 types -- ▲'NCKL Premium Bio-Cellulose Nourishing Ample Mask' that contains oriental medicine extract that recharges skin nutrition with its fermented energy, ▲’NKCL Premium Bio-Cellulose Luminous Ample Mask’ that makes transparent luminous skin by its pearl extract, ▲’NKCL Premium Bio-Cellulose Lifting Ample Mask’ that aids skin lifting using caviar extract which is known to have similar protein structure as skin. ▲’NKCL Premium Bio-Cellulose Pla-care Ample Mask’ that reinforce damaged skin barrier using vegetable placenta extract.

NKCL personnel in charge of marketing has said “NKCL Bio Mask Pack is a premium product that applied a differentiated mask pack sheet. We will target the global market with a focus on Great China Region such as China, Singapore, and Malaysia. We look forward to your continued interest in NKCL’s next product line launching.”
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