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Chairman Shin Dong-hwa of NKCL to Win the Grand Award in “10 People Who Illuminated Korea 2019: New Intellectuals”

NKCL 2020.02.18 13:54

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Chairman Shin Dong-hwa of NKCL to Win the Grand Award in “10 People Who Illuminated Korea 2019: New Intellectuals”

Shin Dong-hwa, chairman of NKCL, was honored with the grand award in the ceremony for “10 People Who Illuminated Korea 2019: New Intellectuals”

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NKCL Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa, the recipient of grand prize for new intellectuals. The presenter of the award, Park Hee-Young 

on the left, and chairman of the organizing committee, Bae Myung-Jik on the right.

The award ceremony for “10 People who Illuminated Korea 2019” hosted by the Korean Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee and the Korean Association for Challenging and organized by HL company Inc. and Seoul Economic Union, was held at the Ramada Seoul Hotel in Gangnam Gu, Seoul on Dec. 26. The ceremony marked its beginning with greetings from the president of the Seoul Economic Union, Park Hee-Young and the chairman of the organizing committee, Bae Myung-Jik.

Former Prime Minister Lee Soo-sung then delivered a congratulatory speech. He offered tremendous praise and encouragement to the winners by saying “Without economic activity, there can be no culture, no education, no social life,” Then he ended the speech with the remark, “I hope you will have an honorable pride in your contribution to the country”

In addition to businessmen, celebrities and sportsmen also have attended the ceremony to brighten the ceremony of “10 Koreans Who Illuminated Korea 2019”. People are awarded in different categories like musicals, pop singers, sport-entertainer, crossover pop, beauty icon, entertainment, film actors, TV actors, cultural arts. Lee Seung-joo, Ali, Yang Jung-won, Lee Keun-ho, Bae Da-hae, Lee Yu-bi, Kim Bo-sung, Heo Sung-tae, Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Tae-ran have received the awards in respective categories.

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NKCL Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa and winners of 10 People Who Illuminated Korea: New Intellectuals

The recipient of “10 People Who Illuminated Korea 2019: New Intellectuals” award, Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa’s NKCL Bio Group Inc. is a Korean bio-enterprise that researches and develops NK Immune cell to realize Personalized Immune-Care. NK Immune cell has a function to detect and destroy abnormal cells including cancer cells by itself so it is responsible for immunity of the body and is recognized as ‘Next Generation Cancer Treatment’. Planning on completion of constructing GMP Certified Automated Cell Cultivation system, NKCL aims to popularize immunity cell treatment. Not only cancer treatment, it is expected to lead a wide range of bio industries, including anti-aging, autoimmune disorder, hair loss and self-beauty.

Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa said in his award acceptance speech, "As it was stated in former Prime Minister Lee Soo-Sung's congratulatory speech, we will bear pride as one of the businessmen leading Korea. We will research and develop NK Immune cell to realize Personalized Immune-Care, and with Automated Cell Cultivation system, we will popularize Immune Cell Treatment. Hereafter, NKCL will lead various bio-industries."

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