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NKCL Bio Holds Construction Start Ceremony of ‘NK Cell GMP Automated Cultivation System’ on December 30th, commencing on ‘Popularization of NK Immune Cell Treatment’

NKCL 2020.02.18 13:55

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NKCL Bio Group Inc. (hereinafter called ‘NKCL Bio’) held a construction start ceremony for ‘NK Cell GMP Automated Culture System’ in Dongtan New City, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, on December 30th.


Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa, giving celebration speech on construction start ceremony of NK Cell GMP Automated Cultivation System

About 300 people, including officials from NKCL Bio Group and users of NKCL service, have attended the event. Participants shared the blueprint for NKCL Bio enterprise and celebrated the full-scale construction of Automated Cell Cultivation System with a tape-cutting performance.



Around 300 people had attended the ceremony for NK Cell GMP Automated Cultivation System

NKCL Bio is a Korean bio-enterprise that researches NK immune cell treatment using NK cells, which is planning on opening NK Cell GMP-certified Automated Cultivation System with a scale of around 3,300m2 in Dongtan Knowledge Industrial Center, Hwasung.


Tape-Cutting for NK Cell GMP Automated Cultivation System

When it comes to NK cell cultivation, the industry currently fully relies on professional researchers in every process. This approach has difficulty in acquiring scarce and highly trained professionals, and the number of cultivations that can be managed by each individual are limited. Therefore, productivity is bound to be low.

In response, NKCL Bio has developed an Automated Cultivation System in which an artificial intelligence (AI) is applied. This specially programmed AI is able to find an optimized environment for cell cultivation on its own, so not only it can replace the existing high-end manpower but also achieve a great feat of improving production

efficiency by more than 100 times. This approach is expected to maximize the cost reduction by greatly reducing expenditures for labor and production.

In addition, industry insiders predict that NKCL will greatly contribute to the realization and popularization of NK Cell Treatment through the introduction of Automated Cultivation System.

Meanwhile, NKCL's Automated Cultivation System, which received the GMP certification, consists of cultivation line, the controlled environment line, the transport line and the packaging line. The entire lines will be managed through the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and all production history (production management, history

management, tracking management system) and patient bio data will be recorded by blockchain technology to be safely stored and distributed.


Shin Dong-Hwa, chairman of NKCL Bio Group Inc., said, “We thank you for attending the construction start ceremony of our first center for NKCL Automated Cultivation System in Korea. In the future, our Automated Cultivation System will be expanded and built in various countries like Malaysia and China.” Then he continued and stated the company’s ambition by saying “with NKCL Bio’s Automated Cultivation System, which is our major competitiveness, we will open a new horizon for popularizing NK Immune Cell Treatment.”

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