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NKCL Bio Group Inc. expands its infrastructure of domestic hospitals.

NKCL 2020.04.06 13:50

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NKCL Bio group Inc. (hereinafter referred to as NKCL Bio Group) is a Korean bio company that researches and develops NK immune cell treatment using NK immune cell with its competitive technology. Last year, it had laid the foundation for popularizing NK immune cell treatment by opening the construction start ceremony of GMP Automated cell cultivation center. In 2020, it will focus on promoting NKCL’s brand values. As one of its strategies, NKCL Bio group is signing MOA with various hospitals.

Since signing MOA with the first local hospital on February 17, NKCL Bio Group continues to engage in work agreements with local hospitals.


Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa of NKCL Bio Group and Director Heo Jung of Eden Hospital signed MOA.


NKCL Bio Group’s team are determined to cooperate with Eden hospital team

On March 20th, NKCL Bio Group held MOA signing ceremony with Eden hospital, Gwang-ju Korea.

Eden hospital is a large-scale hospital with its medical team of 26 members including Director Heo-Jung, and 150 staffs working. With its main and new facility in a 5-storied building, Eden Hospital is famous in Honam region of Korea for its various medical services.

Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa of NKCL Bio group and Director Heo-Jung of Eden Hospital had a conversation regarding NKCL’s NK immune cell treatment and shared its direction. Director Heo Jung of Eden hospital has pointed out that current existing anti-cancer methods impose a great burden on patient’s body and NK immune cell treatment of NKCL will be the new generation of anti-cancer treatment without side-effects. He praised on the fact that it is developed with Korea’s competitive technology.


Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa of NKCL Bio Group and Director Lim Jung-gu of Delta skin clinic had signed MOA.


NKCL Bio Group’s team are determined to cooperate with Delta Skin Clinic’s team

Subsequently, on April 2nd, NKCL Bio Group had signed MOA with Delta skin clinic in Gimpo, Korea. Director Lim Jung-Gu has a master’s degree in Aerospace medicine and worked as a dermatologist in Seoul National University Hospital. Using his unique background, Delta skin clinic has implemented Aerospace medicine to dermatology and created a differentiated concept of a dermatologist specializing in flight attendants. Since they can treat the skin of flight attendants who are constantly exposed to a poor condition on the plane, they are confident that they can also treat the ordinary patients well.

Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa of NKCL Bio Group and Director Lim Jung-Gu of Delta Skin Clinic shared their vision on NKCL’s NK immune cell treatment and its expandability and discussed on the areas where both parties can cooperate to promote synergy.

Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa of NKCL Bio Group had showed his ambition and said “We are continuously expanding the affiliated hospitals not only in overseas but also in Korea. In line with the praise of the company leading the popularization of NK immune cell treatment, we are planning to establish cooperative hospitals in various parts of Korea.”

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