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NKCL Bio Group Launches ‘NK Rest Brain’ that gives 3-hour deep sleep effect by 30-minute rest program

NKCL 2020.08.31 08:58

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NKCL Bio Group Inc. (hereinafter referred to as ‘NKCL Bio Group’) is a Korean Bio Group company that researches and develops NK Immune cell treatment which utilizes NK immune cells. With its competitive technologies including cancer cell target treatment and Automatic NK Cell Cultivation System, NKCL Bio Group expands into 100 billion-dollar global anti-cancer market as well as anti-aging and beauty market. NKCL Bio Group has started construction on GMP Automated NK Cell Cultivation System to lay a foundation for popularizing NK Immune cell treatment. In 2020 this year, it focuses on promoting its brand value.

NKCL Bio Group has been launching various retail products that is tailored to the brand concept of “Personalized Immune Care Platform”. Among them, ‘NK Rest Brain’ is launched on April 23rd, which enhances immune system and concentration by balancing the brain function.

Sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of immune disorder in modern people. There had been numerous studies showing that having a correct rest activates immunity. NK Rest Brain enables the user to have 3-hour deep sleep effect by 30-minute brainwave program. When comparing the brainwave charts before and after using NK Rest Brain, it is shown that the brainwave turned into a stable state after the program.

The reason why NK Rest Brain can have an excellent effect is because it applies the principles of Neurofeedback system, a proven brainwave therapy. Neurofeedback promotes the development of neural networks through the process of inducing and strengthening certain brainwaves.

Brainwaves are electrical signals that occur during the exchange of information between brain nerve cells, and are divided into Delta waves (0-3Hz, deep sleep), Theta waves (4~7Hz, REM sleep), Alpha waves (8~11Hz, relaxed state) and SMR waves (12-15Hz, attentive and awaken state). For example, if one feels tired in the morning although having enough hours sleeping, it is because the brainwaves of awakened state was overly active during the sleep. Contrary, if one can not concentrate and the performances are low during the work or study, it is because the brainwaves of sleeping state was active.

When wearing NK Rest Brain headset, its own program will measure and analyze the user’s brainwave. It then give Alpha (α) wave and Theta(θ) wave feedback for 5 minutes and 25 minutes, leading into a deep sleep and relaxing the brain. SMR wave will then be activated in daily life, which increases the concentration to improve performances during the work or study.

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Especially, NKCL Bio Group is operating NK Rest Brain demonstration room, providing an opportunity for consumers to directly access the products and experience the balance of brainwaves.

NK Rest Brain is effective in chronic headaches, fatigue, stress, autism and depression, and can lead to improved IQ, managing ADHD, increased concentration of athletes (increasing golf putts, improved tennis performance, etc.), correcting bad habits and improved ability in various fields.

NKCL Bio Group is launching various product lines that enhance immunity like NK Rest Brain. It is leading on strengthening immunity of modern people through its “Personalized Immune-Care Platform”

NKCL Bio Group will launch various Bio-Program that enhances immunity with NK cells. Following NK Rest Brain, NKCL will launch ‘NK Bio Blue Recombination Cream Set’ which has excellent effects on various skin immunity disorders such as atopy and psoriasis, as well as ‘NK Cordycep Gold 300’, anti-cancer functional food which contains large amount of Cordycepin, the main ingredient of Cordyceps militaris. Also, there is ‘NK immune series’ skin-care that enhances immunity of the skin and ‘NK Complete immune compact cushion’ that perfectly covers blemish of the skin. Last but not least, there will be ‘NK DNA Navigator’ that analyze the user’s DNA. On the first half of 2020, 20 different products will be launched for 7 different brands.

In May, the construction of R&D center and the new headquarter is in full swing prior to the relocation. In June and August, the headquarter will be relocated and the GMP automated cultivation system will be completed respectively. Spokesman from NKCL Bio Group had said the company will launch various high-quality products that matches its catch phrase, ‘Personalized Immune Care Platform’ and they expect greater growth at this time when the importance of immunity is being maximized through COVID-19.