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NK cell chemotherapy (immune cell therapy) process

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[NKCL] NK cell chemotherapy (immune cell therapy) process



NK cell chemotherapy (immune cell therapy) process


NK cells, which are widely being used as the fourth-generation chemotherapy, have been recognized as advanced medical technology in advanced countries

such as the United States and Japan for about 10 years. What is the process of NK cell chemotherapy?



Depending on the type or condition of cancer, NK cell immunotherapy usually proceeds with the following procedure:


Consultation and examination -> checkup before treatment -> Blood collection -> Treatment


Consultation and examination


Consultation and examination

The patient or his/her family visits the hospital and discusses with the doctor about the following matters.


- Details of immunotherapy

- Possibility of therapeutic effect


Checkup before treatment


After pre-treatment and post-treatment, peripheral blood test, biochemical test, tumor marker measurement,

immunological parameters (NK cell activity, lymphocyte & NK cell surface marker, etc.), chest X-ray, CT, ultrasound examination as required and observe comprehensive progress.



Blood collection and Cultivation


60ml of blood is collected and transferred to the cell culture center for incubation.

After two weeks of incubation, the number of NK cells increases to an average of 20 to 4 billion cells and increases their activity to sufficiently kill the cancer.

Only products that have passed quality tests for quality standards and safety are used as NK cell therapy.

(The number of NK cells incubated depends on the individual patient.)

Treatment (Two weeks from blood collection)


Treatment begins two weeks after the blood transfusion. After incubation, the proliferative and activated immune cells are injected into the patient's body by the IV injection. The patient can sit in a comfortable chair or recliner for treatment.



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