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NKCL Bio Group to sign MOU with Korean hospital for the first time.

NKCL 2020.02.18 13:58
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NKCL Bio group singing MOU regarding promotion and performing procedure with Suwon Campus Medical Clinic


Chairman of NKCL Bio group Shin Dong-Hwa (Left), Director of Campus Medical Clinic Song Yoo-Seok(Right)

NKCL Bio Group Inc. (Hereinafter referred to as ‘NKCL Bio Group’) is a bio enterprise that researches and develops Immune Cell Treatment by using Korea’s competitive technology that utilizes NK Immune Cell. It had laid foundation to popularize immunity treatment by holding a ceremony for starting the construction of NK Immune Cell Cultivation GMP Automated System. This year, 2020, it will concentrate on promoting NKCL’s brand value. As one of its strategies, NKCL Bio Group has signed business agreements with many hospitals in various fields.




On January 14th last year, NKCL Bio Group had signed MOA with China-TSRH association that has around 500 affiliated hospitals. As a result, it is expected that there will be a lot of cooperation with those hospitals as well. Also, NKCL Bio Group is quick to push the business agreement with local hospitals in Korea.

For its first step, NKCL Bio Group signed the first MOU in Korea on January 30th with a member of the Campus Medical Clinic. The main contents of the MOU include the introduction of payment systems using NKCL coins, mutual cooperation for immunotherapy, mutual promotion and operation cooperation between NKCL and the hospital.




Located in Suwon, Campus Medical Clinic is specialized with plastic surgery, skin urinary, internal medicine, pediatric medicine, etc. and is fully equipped with various facilities such as physical therapy, water treatment, operating room and skin care room. Since it is the first hospital to sign MOU with NKCL Bio Group in Korea, it is predicted that it will lead to an offline platform where visitors can meet various NKCL premium products to strengthen their immune systems as well as future treatments.

Chairman of NKCL Bio Group, Shin Dong-Hwa said “Through this MOU, we are expecting that Campus Medical Clinic will become a venue to have a hand-on experience of NKCL products to promote NKCL’s brand value. We expect the both parties to be mutually supportive medical partners.”