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NKCL Bio Group rose up Korea’s dignity by sponsoring Oscars Viewing Awards in LA as the main sponsor.

NKCL 2020.02.18 13:59
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Through the main sponsorship of Oscars Viewing Awards, NKCL declared its global marketing to the world. 

On February 9th, NKCL Bio Group Inc., declared its debut to the global market as the main sponsor of Oscars Viewing Awards, which was held in Hollywood, LA. 

Shin Donghwa, the Chairman of NKCL Bio Group Inc., is delivering a speech at the main stage.

The reputation of Berlin International Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival in Korea is very high due to previous awards winning history. However, despite of its 92- year- of historical class of film festival, Oscars was less favored. It is because entering Academy Awards and winning an award were always hard for non-English speaking countries. 

However, in February 9th, the movie, Parasite, directed by Bongjoon Ho, made a new history of Korea Film by winning 4 Academy Awards of Best Picture, Best Director, Original Screenplay and International Feature Film. It was the first winning of Korea film history and the most awards winning in Oscars this year. 

NKCL Bio Group progressed the main sponsorship of this year’s Oscars Viewing Awards. This Oscar Viewing Awards is an after party which many VIPs and celebrities attend after Academy Awards. It is a place where everyone celebrate award winning and continues business meetings. This event party is private and all the invited celebrities must buy the10,000 dollars admission ticket to enter. This shows Hollywood is proven to be hard to enter.

NKCL Bio Group Chairman Shin Donghwa (Left), (US first generation supermodel Jenice Dickinson (Center) SNS Influencer Mila Maximova (Right) 

But NKCL Bio Group has been invited to this event by recognition of Korea’s excellent technique, and as a main sponsor of Oscars Viewing Awards, NKCL presented its technique and excellency at the event. 
NKCL also presented its promotion video screening, motivated from the film awards festival and prepared NKCL’s premium products to experience. In addition, NKCL provided mask pack premium line as gifts and gave them to participated celebrities. 

New coronavirus (also known as ‘Wuhan Pneumonia’) and US Influenza made people to serious attention to the immunity, NKCL’s brand value of excellent technique and immune-care, which activates the immunity, received high interest throughout the event.

Shin Donghwa, the Chairman of NKCL, said, “NKCL’s sponsorship of Oscars Viewing Awards will be the trigger to global market, not only the Asian region but also throughout the US and to Europe.” 

NKCL is a Korean Bio Incorporated that researches and develops immune-cell treatment using NK immune-cell. Along with targeted therapy and automated system of NK Cell, by differentiated technique, NKCL is heading out to not only the worldwide market of immune anti-cancer treatment which is one hundred billion worth valued, but also anti-aging and beauty market. 
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