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NKCL Bio Group Inc. establishes ‘Automated Cell Culture Lab’ on Hanyang University’s ERICA Campus

NKCL 2022.04.06 11:53


NKCL Bio Group Inc.(hereinafter referred to as NKCL) announced on the 6th that it would establish a ‘Development Lab. Of Cell Culture Automation Systems‘ in the ‘Hanyang University ERICA Campus’ for full-fledged industry-university research and education.


NKCL is a bio company specialized in GMP facility, an 'Automated Culture System' that introduces artificial intelligence based on a personalized immune care platform.


NKCL has signed a business agreement with Hanyang Institute for Precision Therapeutics(HY-IPT) at ‘Hanyang University ERICA Campus’ on February 16th. HY-IPT plans to conduct research on new biopharmaceuticals, targeted therapeutics, molecular medical diagnosis, gene therapy, cell therapy, innovative pharmaceutical materials, and precision medicine based on bio big data and artificial intelligence.


In addition to NKCL Bio Group, Hanyang Institute for Precision Therapeutics(HY-IPT) will cooperate with domestic pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies such as LG Chem, Dong-A Pharm, Kwangdong Pharm, Hyundai Pharm, and Samjin Pharm.


By establishing the ‘Development Lab. Of Cell Culture Automation Systems‘ within the 'Hanyang University ERICA Campus', both can grow together through the establishment of a permanent industry-academic cooperation system and self-reliance, resolution of the employment mismatch, and the development of subjects and educational programs, focusing on the bio field, which is the strength of the ERICA campus.


Various research and development related to NK cells will be carried out at the ‘Development Lab. Of Cell Culture Automation Systems’ located on the ‘Hanyang University ERICA Campus’, such as developing an optimized cell culture KIT to automate NK cell culture.


Furthermore, it is expected to gather strength to build and spread a global research network and spread R&D achievements by inviting excellent foreign researchers, exchange of research personnel, and promoting international joint workshops.


An official from NKCL Bio Group said, “The overall industrial activity has been disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020. Amid the slump, the bio industry achieved high export performance thanks to increased biopharmaceutical consignment production and increased market share of biosimilars in the US and Europe. It can be expected that the share of cell culture in the bio industry will gradually increase in the near future.”


In addition, she added, “The ‘Development Lab. Of Cell Culture Automation Systems’ located in ERICA of Hanyang University will not only create concrete results to solve social difficulties in the health care and cell therapy fields, but also serve as a base for the development of core materials and technologies for the domestic cell culture industry.”