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NKCL Bio Group acquired three patents related to ‘cancer prevention vaccine and therapeutic pharmaceutical composition’

NKCL 2022.05.31 18:55


As of April 29, 2022, NKCL Bio Group Inc. has announced that it had acquired three new patents: a polymer nanoparticle based cancer vaccine composition, a dendritic cell therapeutics for cancer, and a composition for preventing and treating cancer.


The patents obtained this time are related to 'composition for cancer vaccine manufacturing' and 'cell therapy composition for cancer treatment', including cell cancer, and was promoted in the form of industry-university cooperation (Inventor_University, Proprietor_Company) for stable research and rapid commercialization based on the research ability of the university and the commercialization ability of the company.


One patent is regarding a 'polymer nanoparticle based cancer vaccine composition' with excellent anticancer immunotherapeutic effects that can maximize various anti-cancer effects without providing external information about the patient's cancer (cancer antigen information).


 (Picture explanation) The process that NK immune cells in our body effectively attack and treat cancer cells


As shown in the figure above, according to the present invention, it is an immunoadjuvant that stimulates Tall-Like Receptors (TLR) to secrete various cytokines and delivers short interfering RNA that suppresses the immune response to dendritic cells simultaneously, thereby treating cancer with the effects of increasing the cancer treatment more than 8 times compared to the existing anti-cancer immunotherapy and can be used in the treatment of various cancers and diseases.


NKCL Bio Group Inc, which has secured its own technology for NK cell culture and succeeded in developing and operating an automatic culture system, has been able to be one step closer to developing a full-fledged NK cell treatment drug with this patent acquisition.


In addition, the other patent acquired is for a dendritic cell cancer treatment using a 'heparin-binding compound', which is known to inhibit the occurrence of blood clots derived from a COVID-19 vaccine or therapeutic agent. It is expected to open a new path not only for cell therapy but also for the development of therapeutics that can cope with new pandemics.


The basic principle of NK cell therapy is a gene technology for isolating and cultivating NK cells, which are immune cells, from the peripheral blood of cancer patients and after strengthening immunity by cultivating NK cells, the patient is then injected with their own immune-enhanced NK cells.


An official from NKCL Bio Group Inc. has said, “Through the acquisition of these patents, our research achievements have been officially recognized, and we will actively promote the commercialization of research results in the future.”


In addition, NKCL Bio Group Inc. is a proprietor for 'NK cell culture medium addition kit and NK cell culture method using the kit' (Korean, Japanese, Chinese patents acquired/US, European patent pending), 'Cultivating allogeneic immune cells', and ‘cosmetic composition using additive composition’ etc., a total of 9 patents.