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NKCL Bio Group to introduce premium anti-aging solution program with NK cell culture technology

NKCL 2022.07.21 18:41

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NKCL Bio Group Inc., a company specialized in NK cell culture technology, participated in the 1st International Virus and Bacteria Industry Expo (ViBac 2022) and unveiled a new concept of skin anti-aging solution using NK cells, which has attracted attention.


This expo was hosted by Makers Union and co-hosted by KOICO and THE-Wise. About 70 domestic and foreign related companies such as Leyon Pharmaceutical, Eubiologics, and Prestige Bio participated together with NKCL Bio Group Inc..


The 1st International Virus and Bacteria Industry Expo (ViBac 2022) was held for two days from July 18 (Mon) to 19 (Tue) at COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Buyers from 20 companies from 10 countries including India, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam participated in the exhibition for the purpose of booth participation and business consultation.


On this day, NKCL Bio Group actively promoted the core technology and competitiveness of NK cell therapy, a key word of its business, and introduced various products and solutions using NK cell culture technology based on the 'Personalized Immune Care Platform'.


NKCL's newly launched 'JUST 10 MINUTE MIRACLE' RK-NK100 anti-aging solution program has the advantage that it can be customized according to the individual skin condition and the degree of aging through NKCL's unique NK cell culture medium development technology.


In addition, by utilizing the painless skin nano spot focusing technology, the NK cell culture medium penetrates more deeply, and skin improvement effects such as skin regeneration, excretion of toxins, alleviation of inflammation and lifting can be experienced quickly in a short period of time.


NKCL's anti-aging program not only improves deep wrinkles and fine lines, but also improves elasticity, complexion, skin barrier enhancement, and pore reduction, etc. It can care for even neck wrinkles. It is the optimal solution to increase the satisfaction of consumers who want skin anti-aging.


The BEFORE & AFTER image of the experience cases who showed immediate skin improvement due to the program attracted the attention of many visitors, and the inquiries from foreigners who visited the fair were continued.


In addition, introduction of NKCL's unique NK cell patents, RK-NK100 anti-aging solution efficacy and others have constituted a booth and actively conducted promotional marketing activities.


In addition, cosmetics and health functional foods produced by NKCL have been exhibited and bountiful welcome gifts were provided to visitors.


An official from NKCL said, "Through the '2022 International Virus and Bacteria Expo', a lot of information was exchanged with various domestic and foreign companies such as diagnosis/prevention, pharmaceutical/bio, and microbiome/vaccine, including the latest trends and excellent research cases. The high participation rate seems to reflect the trend of related companies.” said.