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NKCL Bio Group has been awarded NK Immune Water’s ‘2022 Customer’s Most Recommended Brand Award’ in the deep-sea water category

NKCL 2022.01.21 16:37




NKCL Bio Group’s NK Immune Water has won the Grand Prize in the deep sea water category at the ‘2022 Customers Most Recommended Brand Awards’ hosted and sponsored by The JoongAng and The Economist on the 20th this month.

The awards select the brands that have been certified by customers for its reliability and professionalism through a consumer perception survey and expert review on brand quality and satisfaction, to present indicators for smart consumption activities to consumers. NK Immune Water received the Brand Grand Prize in the deep sea water category in recognition of its excellent quality and customer satisfaction with future-oriented and sustainable branding.

NKCL Bio Group is a Korean biotech company that researches and develops NK immune cell therapeutics, who is leading the mass production and popularization of NK immune cell therapy products through the GMP automatic culture system incorporating artificial intelligence. In addition, it plans to operate the CDMO business with proven technology.


NK Immune Water from NKCL Bio Group is a high-mineral premium deep-sea water that contains abundant minerals necessary for our body, such as magnesium and calcium. Deep sea water is only available in five countries, in the world, including Korea, so it has a higher scarcity value.


In addition, NK Immune Water is ‘water close to my body’, and it has a mineral balance similar to that of human body fluid (magnesium 3: calcium 1: potassium 1), thus increasing the absorption rate in our body. The minerals contained in NK Immune Water can help improve the immune system of our body through various functions such as blood pressure control, immunity improvement, and diabetes improvement.

NK Immune Water of NKCL Bio Group was recognized as the brand of the year in 2021 by winning the Grand Prize of 'Best Brand Chosen by Consumers' hosted by the Chosun Media, while NKCL Bio Group was recognized as a successful immune care brand by winning the grand prize at the ‘9th 2021 Future Creative Management Excellent Company’ for two consecutive years, showing the possibility of expanding into various industrial fields through products devised with ‘immune care’.


An official from NKCL Bio Group said, “Last year, NKCL Bio Group has built a 1:1 Personalized Immune-care Platform through differentiated immune cell culture technology. In 2022, we plan to focus on expanding the platform nationwide.” NKCL Bio Group is ahead of opening the ‘NKCL Immune Treatment Center’ in cooperation with Dongtan Hospital and Clinic in February 2022. ‘NKCL Immune Treatment Center’ is a comprehensive treatment flex mall, including Immune Checkup Center, Immune Treatment Center, Immune Drugstore and Immune Bakery Café.