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Premium Immune Bread Brand 'Immune Bakery (Immune Bakery Cafe) Co., Ltd.' participated in the 2021 Busan Startup Fair

NKCL 2021.09.14 18:38


Premium Immune Bread Brand 'Immune Bakery (Immune Bakery Cafe) Co., Ltd.' participated in the 2021 Busan Startup Fair

Immune Bakery Co., Ltd. (previously Paroiro) participated in 'The 30th Busan Startup Expo 2021' held at BEXCO, Busan from the 9th to the 11th.


The Busan Startup Expo is a place where promising franchise companies from all over the country and head offices with new business items gather in one place to have a meeting with the prospective entrepreneurs. This start-up expo was held at BEXCO in Busan and was the largest start-up expo in the southeast region.

Immune Bakery Co., Ltd. is a specialized bakery established by NKCL Bio Group Co., Ltd. based on a microbiome technology that boosts immunity by improving the intestinal microbial environment. It produces and supplies 'healthy immune bread' that improves the intestinal microbial environment to boost immunity.


Immune bread contains 50 types of beneficial complex strains, including 20 types of complex beneficial bacteria and lactic acid bacteria that promote digestion and absorption. It can help improve intestinal function and boost immunity by regulating the intestinal balance to 85% beneficial bacteria and 15% harmful bacteria.


At the expo, Immune Bakery not only had immune bread and interior exhibition but also conducted one-to-one personal consultation with many prospective founders. In addition, there was an opportunity for Immune Bakery’s homemade Greek yogurt tasting. In accordance with the quarantine guidelines of the Central Safety Countermeasures Headquarters, the eating, walking and food intake in the exhibition hall were done only in the separate tasting area.


Homemade Greek yogurt, one of Immune Bakery's representative menus, is characterized by a richer taste and thicker texture compared to regular yogurt due to the slow separation of whey in the traditional Greek method (straining method), unlike the commercial Greek yogurt made without removing whey.


Personnel of Immune Bakery said, "Currently, Immune Bakery Cafe has opened a total of 8 branches including the main Dongtan store, and is preparing to open 9 branches nationwide including Gwangju, Ulsan, and Busan. Through this Busan Startup Expo, we were able to meet more prospective founders, and in fact, we received a lot of applications for branch stores and was able to feel the popularity of Immune Bakery."


News of Immune Bakery and companies that participated in the expo can be found on the official website of  Busan Startup Expo, the Immune Bakery blog, and Instagram.

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