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NKCL Bio Group Wins Grand Prize as Auspicious Bio Firm in Korea’s Future Management Award

NKCL 2021.07.02 10:33



In the 2021 Korea Future Management Award, NKCL Bio Group won the Grand Prize in Auspicious Bio Firm category, as hosted by Herald Economy and Korea Herald, and sponsored by Monthly Power Korea. This is their second consecutive win in the category, following last year’s win.

NKCL Bio Group uses an NK cell GMP automated cultivation system to provide personalized immunity care platform that corresponds to customers’ status and requests. In addition, they use microbiome technology to launch tech and products closely related to the daily life, introducing immune lifestyle and functional medicine solutions to customers.

On January 22, NKCL founded the Microbiome lab, where they use microbiome research data to make health supplements, cosmetics, and other food products to help customers improve immunity. They are also planning to build an NKCL intestinal microorganism inspection center. The advanced research technology and system of the U.S. will be introduced.

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