Personalized Immune Cell Treatment NKCL Classic

NKCL Bio Group’s strategy to operate next generation personalized bio big data platform.

NKCL 2021.09.09 18:21


Digital healthcare industry is drawing attention as non-face-to-face became a commonplace due to COVID-19 pandemic passes through a long term. According to Global Market insights, a market research institute, the size of the digital healthcare market is expected to grow 29.6% annually from 106.4 billion (about 127 trillion won) in 2019, reaching $504.4 billion (about 603 trillion won) in 2025.

Especially, the main issue is the expansion of infrastructure through blockchain technology. If block chain technology can be used in digital healthcare industry, not only collected data can be managed safely and transparently, but also it is possible to create a circumstance where patients themselves can have right to control over their data.

Focusing on the core keyword ‘Immunity,’ NKCL Bio Group is a bio incorporation that researches and develops NK cell treatment and Immune care products that can help improve immunity. In addition to the development and production of NK cell treatment through its own technology, it is expanding production facility lines to enter the market of CDMO, Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) and Contract Development Organization (CDO), which is expected to grow from 13.3 billion dollars’ worth of size in 2020, and over 13.7% grow annually.

NKCL Bio Group set automated cultivation system where artificial intelligence (AI) applied. Specially programmed AI can find the best cultivate environment for NK cell cultivation, so not only it replaced existing high-quality manpower, but also achieved improved production efficiency over 100 times and more.

GMP Automated Cultivation System operates and enables cultivate within a closed system throughout the entire process. Blocking any sources of contamination, the mass production of NK Cell is possible and evaluated to maximize the price reduction by reducing labor costs and production costs. It is expected to increase potential customers and expanding immune cell treatment market by facilitating NK cell treatment easily accessible. Moreover, global popularization can be achieved by exporting automated cultivation system solutions and plants.

Because NKCL Bio Group is leading popularization of NK cell treatment, NKCL Bio-Blockchain is getting attention from the industry. NKCL Bio Group is constructing blockchain technology based personal bio-data platform, NKCL Bio Blockchain. It operates and records cultivation history, usage history and clinical results of NK Immune cell automated cultivation on the blockchain

NKCL Bio-Blockchain is designed in a dual structure. Customer’s bio-data are safe, manage and operate better by recorded in private blockchain where requires separate authentication and only qualified participants can participate and enable to access, not on the public blockchain where anyone can access and check the details.

Medical providers, such as medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies can contribute to medical development that includes patients customized care, research and development through related bio-data.

The issue in the medical and bio big data industries is the connection of data standardization and data providing medical institution.

An official from NKCL emphasizes that this is the competitivities of NKCL platform. As an explanation, NKCL Bio-Blockchain works for bio data that are produced in the NKCL Platform internally, it is unnecessary to depend on medical institutions, which are comparatively positioning in higher position, and enable to use standard data of itself.

An official from NKCL, expressing ambition, said, “Due to COVID-19, the importance of immunity is well emphasized these days. It is our goal to achieve competitiveness of NKCL Bio-blockchain by expanding the non-face-to-face medical service range through enforcing data protection and creating high added value by data collection and integration.”