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NKCL Bio Group Inc. won Moneytoday 2021 Future Creative Superiority Company Grand Award for the second time in a row.

NKCL 2021.12.01 12:56


NKCL Bio Group Inc. (hereinafter ‘NKCL,’ Chairman Shin DongHwa) won Moneytoday 2021 Future Creative Superiority Company Grand Award in the Innovative Immune Cell Cultivation Technology Field for the second time in a row.


The ‘Future Creative Superiority Company Grand Award’ was established to discover and select companies that lead the fields of customer satisfaction excellency, enhance the job creation, etc., along with the government’s economic policy of Future Creative Economy.  


NKCL Bio Group Inc. is a Korean bio company that researches and develops immune cell treatment by using NK Immune Cell based with its excellent technology. Through GMP certified automated cultivation system, NKCL is leading popularization and mass production of 1 on 1 customized immune cell treatment.


As expanding size of bio field with newly rising technology, Microbiome and Medifood, NKCL is applying both technology to each field and draws synergy effect. For an example, NKCL launched ‘NK Immune Bakery Café’ applied microbiome technology. within its first opening of Dongtan main store in June, NK Immune Bakery café now expanded into twenty-three stores in the whole nation and operating successfully.


In addition, an official delivered that “By end of January of 2022, ‘NK Human Immune Treatment Center’ will be ready its pre-open, cooperating with hospitals and clinics in Dongtan district. In NK Human Immune Center, Immune Examination Center, Immune Treatment Center, Immune Drug Store, Immune Café, and more will be stored. NKCL will Immune Care Platform Service will be served and Comprehensive Treatment Plex Mall, place where will encompass conventional and functional medicine, is on open schedule in February.”


The official continued with ambition, “NKCL Bio Group Inc. has been built the personalized immune care platform, and going to focus on establishing platform ecosystem national wide in 2022. Also in first half of 2022, ‘Global Immune Care Center’ will be open in YeongJong-do island and is putting the best effort to attract foreign patients who visit Korea with immune treatment purpose along with ‘with Corona’ era.”