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NKCL Bio Group launches NK MS analysis kit for analyzing immunity indicators

NKCL 2021.05.14 10:09


NKCL Bio Group (NKCL hereafter) revealed that it will be providing a service for checking body immunity and analyzing 5 immunity indicators, as a part of their representative technology, microbiome technology. The 5 indicator analyses include MS analysis (metabolism), SHA analysis (hormones), LPS analysis (endotoxins), NK cell activity analysis, and intestinal microorganism analysis. Of these, the MS analysis kit will be released first to be serviced to customers.

MS analysis, which stands for Metabolic Screening, is a comprehensive inspection that examines and analyzes bodily metabolism and individual cell environments. The MS analysis can analyze individual hormonal balance, nutrition, exposure to toxin, accumulation of heavy metal, stress, emotional state, and physical constitution. It also examines the status of individual intestinal microorganism DNA to check for dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome.

Metabolism and cell environments need to be checked to prevent any physical issues. Human body is made up of chemical complexes of water, protein, fat, DNA, and carbohydrates. They can be further broken down into carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorous. These are used to build various organs, hormones, vitamin, and phosphatide in the body, and may be obtained from the food we consume daily.

A healthy person absorbs these elements in their blood, which will then be made into complexes that constitute the body. However, modern day’s incorrect eating habits prevent the chemical complexes from being absorbed properly, giving rise to various bodily issues. MS analysis looks into these unabsorbed materials, discovers what problems metabolism is experiencing, and finds out the exact causes.

MS analysis becomes an indicator that enables the improvement of bodily health in functional medicine. The ultimate goal of the MS analysis is to approach from functional medicine’s perspectives the problems and causes of bodily metabolism and to suggest ways of improvement. It enables individually customized nutrition examination, guessing and correcting eating patterns, measuring electrochemical changes of bodily fluids, improving imbalances in functional metabolism, preventive treatments for stable metabolism, and assistive treatment for recovering from diseases.

Through MS analysis, NKCL hopes to provide information about individual bodily metabolism and to help address problems through functional medicine. To such ends, it boasts various complex strain products and systems programmed under the NKCL brand, centering on NK immune biome core 1, 2, and 3 to suggest and support solutions to improve metabolism. As a business, it expanded its platform for customized immunity care, providing solutions for accessing immunity easily in daily lives.

‘NK Immune Biome Core 1, 2, 3’ is a bodily microbiome recovery program that recovers modern day human’s skewed ratio of intestinal microorganisms (25:75) to a healthy balance (85:15). It helps to recover, maintain, and strengthen bodily immunity. It uses intestinal detox methods to improve intestinal microorganism proportions through microorganism rotation. Rotation of microorganisms allows for recovering intestinal flora by rotating beneficial, intermediate, and harmful bacteria. NK Immune Biome Core 1 addresses microorganisms in the small intestine, Core 2 the intestinal antibiotics, and Core 3 the microorganisms in the large intestine.

Beginning with MS analysis, NKCL plans to progressively start servicing the analysis of 5 immunity indicators. Through the 5 immunity indicator analyses - MS analysis (metabolism), SHA analysis (hormones), LPS analysis (endotoxins), NK cell activity analysis, and intestinal microorganism analysis - the firm will provide complex immunity indicator analysis system and corresponding solution services so that the consumers can go through preventive and assistive treatments in daily lives.