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NKCL launches ‘NK Immune Biome Core 1,2,3’, the human microbiome restoration program.

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NKCL launches ‘NK Immune Biome Core 1,2,3’, the human microbiome restoration program.


NKCL had launched the product, ‘NK Immune Biome Core 1,2,3’ which recovers the balance of gut bacteria in order to restore the overall human microbiome.



Microbiome refers to quadrillions of microorganisms that live inside a human body. They are often called as ‘the second genome’ since there are 10 times more microbiome than human’s own cells. Microbiome is dispersed throughout the whole body and are crucial to human health and survival.

These microorganisms are concentrated in gastrointestinal tract. On average, human body has 100 trillion of gut bacteria. The microbiome may weigh as much as 1.5kg, which is similar to the weight of the brain. Human intestine plays crucial role in moderating the immune system as well as digestion.

When harmful substances like viruses and pathogen enters the body, Payer’s Patch located on the intestinal mucous creates antibody. It keeps our immune system to function properly. Especially, 70% of the immune cells are located in the intestines. Healthy gut means there are less chance of catching diseases.


Healthy Gut Microbe Ratio 85:15

There are three types of Gut bacteria:


1. Beneficial Bacteria

- live in epithelial cells of the intestine

- block the infections and moderate the metabolic activity


2. Neutral Bacteria

- neither harmful nor beneficial

- may become harmful or beneficial bacteria depending on the ratio


3. Harmful Bacteria

- damage intestinal mucous, and produce toxic substances


The healthy ratio of gut bacteria composition is 85:15 (Number of Beneficial Bactria : Number of Harmful Bacteria). In this state, the clean intestine activates the metabolism of carbohydrate, protein, fat and etc. The harmful substance is blocked from entering the bloodstream, keeping the blood free from contaminants. Also, the nutrition acquired from food is readily distributed throughout the whole body. The ratio 85:15 keeps the immune system at its optimal level.

However, people living in contemporary time are exposed to many factors that are detrimental to health, jeopardizing the healthy ratio of gut bacteria. These includes high fat, high sugar diets, lack of exercise, excessive consumption of antibiotics and medicines and so on. Many people keep the ratio of 25:75 also known as ‘dysbiosis’, where harmful bacteria outnumber the beneficial bacteria. This state increases the toxicity of intestine, cause various gastrointestinal diseases. Also the harmful contaminants enters bloodstream to be distributed throughout the whole body, lowering overall immune system and causing various diseases.


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NK Immune Biome Core 1,2,3

‘NK Immune Biome Core 1,2,3’ is made to recover the healthy ratio of 85:15 in gut bacteria composition and to enhance the immune system of the user.


‘NK Immune Biome Core 1’

- liquid, 30ml per stick

- Take one stick in the morning


‘NK Immune Biome Core 2’

- granulated, meal replacement, chewable, 5g per stick

- Take one stick before the meal during the day

- Can also be eaten as a meal

- drink more than 5 cups of water


‘NK Immune Biome Core 3’

- 5g per stick

- Take one stick with water, one hour before sleep


Regardless of the time, if these three products are consumed intensively like 2~3 times a day, the gastrointestinal function will be much more enhanced, leading to a better immune system.


‘Intestinal Detoxification’

‘NK Immune Biome Core 1,2,3’ enhances the compositions of gut bacteria through the method called ‘Intestinal Detoxification’. Intestinal Detoxification is divided into two types: bacterial removal and antibacterial treatment.

Bacterial Removal refers to eliminating harmful bacteria, not by using artificial chemicals like antibiotics which can also kill beneficial bacteria all together, but through developing an environment where harmful bacteria cannot grow easily. This is done by putting in metabolites of beneficial bacteria made from natural ingredients. The excessive harmful bacteria will be naturally eliminated and discharged. ‘NK Immune Biome Core 1’ takes care of the bacterial removal in the small intestine, and ‘NK Immune Biome Core 3’ takes care of the bacterial removal in the large intestine. It is recommended to take these products additionally after drinking alcohols or taking medicines.

Antibacterial Treatment refers to growing the ability to fight against the harmful bacteria by inducing growth and multiplication of beneficial bacteria. Various beneficial bacteria complex and fibers and enzymes with high bioavailability are put in to help the metabolic activity of beneficial bacteria. Also, this treatment prevents the damage in the mucous and enhance the defense against the continuous attacks from poisonous substances and harmful bacteria. ‘NK Immune Biome Core 2’ takes care of the Antibacterial Treatment. During the period of consuming this product, it is recommended to drink plenty of water (more than 5 cups), exercise moderately, avoid consuming antibiotics or gut cleansing products, and reduce the amount of meal to 70%, in order to maximize the benefits.


Fourth generation biotics – Postbiotics

As it is known to people nowadays that gut bacteria directly affect the health, many consumes ‘Lactic acid bacteria’ products referred to as ‘probiotics’, in order to enhance their health. ‘NK Immune Biome Core 1,2,3’ covers all four generations of biotics;

‘Probiotics (beneficial bacteria)’,

‘Prebiotics(the food for beneficial bacteria)’,

‘Synbiotics(beneficial Bacteria + the food for beneficial bacteria),

‘Postbiotics (beneficial bacteria + the food for beneficial bacteria + Metabolites)

Metabolites are known to take the crucial role in the gut health by blocking the toxic materials from entering the mucous, maintaining pH levels, and selectively eliminate the harmful bacteria.

In addition to the fourth generations of biotics, ‘NK Immune Biome Core 1,2,3’ is rich in phytochemicals, 5 major nutrients, enzymes and dietary fiber.


Lactic acid bacteria manufactured in Korea

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Microscopic view of 20 types beneficial bacteria complex (8 out of 20)

When it comes to the lactic acid bacteria products made in Korea, many products rely on imported bacteria that is hard to track and get information. 

Inside ‘NK Immune Biome Core 1,2,3’, a genuine Korean made lactobacillus complex of 20 different types of beneficial bacteria. Its manufacturing process is developed by government funded research institute.


Multi-coated lactic bacteria

다중 코팅 유산균.png
Microscopic view of bacteria that are 1. Uncoated, 2. Double-coated, 3. Multi-Coated

It is advised that when one buys lactic products, the consumers must also look for the survival rate of beneficial bacteria in the products during the production and distribution processes. If lactic acid bacteria are stored in room temperature without protections, the number of bacteria may reduce to 10% of original amount even if the expiry date has not passed.

Normally, lactic acid bacteria are grown in a liquid, and then produced in powder form after freezing and spraying processes. However, lactic acid bacteria are extremely sensitive to the environments. The survival rate of the bacteria may reduce in a low temperature. A safe storage method is needed in order for the beneficial bacteria to function properly.

The lactic acid bacteria in ‘NK Immune Biome Core 1,2,3’ is coated several times with polysaccharide from Tremella fuciformis and Beta-glucan. The survival rate of the beneficial bacteria in ‘NK Immune Biome Core 1,2,3’ is increased by more than 50%.

‘NK Immune Biome Core 1,2,3’ is currently available for purchase through NKCL’s shops and various channels.

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