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‘ND(nutrition director)’ Completion Ceremony Held at Yonsei Institute for Continuing Education for the Future

NKCL 2021.06.30 10:28



Held on the 14th, the completion ceremony awarded 39 students that have completed the 15-week course on ND immunity expert. This course is an uncharted territory, but many advanced countries have already established it as a professional field.

'ND (Nutrition Director) immunity expert is a health expert that studies everything about what and how we should eat for a healthy life, including food, exercise, environmental pollution, detox, and stress management. The expert also studies the cause and pathogenesis of chronic diseases to help prevent illness and to improve diet and lifestyle, to help design diets and improve immunity, and other personalized health consultancy. Upon completion of the ND immunity expert course, the expert comes to possess a correct understanding of the human body’s metabolism and healthy foods and becomes capable of giving professional advice on how to protect your health and immunity.

Part 1 of the ceremony included a ceremonial worship service by Reverend Cha Seung-wook of Yeouido Full Gospel Church. Part 2 of the ceremony included Professor Yoon Bok-geun, who is responsible for the ND immunity expert course, calling out the names of each student to deliver their certificates of completion. CEO Shin Dong-hwa of NKCL Bio Group then delivered words of congratulations and encouragement.

CEO Shin stated, “I want to place high value on the fact that every single student was able to successfully complete the ND immunity expert course,” and that he plans to train “helpful and professional ND immunity experts based on this course, which took place in Yonsei University’s Institute for Continuing Education for the Future.” He added, “I anticipate that the graduates today will play key roles in the frontlines.”

During the ceremony, student representative Ms. Mi-jung Choi, who received an award for her academic achievements, delivered a speech. She stated, “I was a hopeless cancer patient, but completing the ND immunity expert course through NKCL Bio Group helped me a lot with my health and helped me shape my future.” She thanked her peers, who completed the course with her. She also expressed gratitude to the faculty, who helped her with passion so she could become a professional ND immunity expert.

This class of graduates took courses on the theory and practice of metabolic screening (MS) reading, so that they can give advice on nutrition from a functional medicine perspective, which focuses on preventing the causes of diseases that may be caused by stress, heavy metal, or endocrine disruptors when patients are recommended to be treated for psychological reasons without any particular physical abnormalities. They also studied the 10 syndromes in ND. All of this make them helpful professionals in hospitals, pharmacies, and biopharmaceutical companies as ND immunity experts.

NKCL Bio Group revealed that a completion ceremony was held for the 15-week course on ND immunity expert, launched in Yonsei University’s Institute for Continuing Education for the Future.

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