Personalized Immune Cell Treatment NKCL Classic

A. The area of information that existing platforms attempt to implement blockchain is the patient data. Medical information gathered from patients are scattered in various medical institution. Although each individual is the owner of the information, there are many difficulties in obtaining the historical data required by higher hospitals. However, ENCLE Foundation Inc.'s data is internally managed by ENCLE Foundation Inc. making it easy for the owners to access data without violating the Privacy Act.
A. Blockchain technology can be utilized to efficiently and securely manage personal data. Since blockchain requires consensus from a large number of network participants, information can be safely protected. Also, data can be delivered while maintaining the protection of sensitive information. 
A. Using Double-chain structure, the personal information of the users are securely stored in private blockchain. ENCLE Foundation Inc. protects important information and prevents them from leaking. ENCLE Foundation Inc. is committed to manage your personal information in the best possible manner based on relevant laws and regulations.