Personalized Immune Cell Treatment NKCL Classic

NKCL ecosystem

NKCL can be used as a payment method in various platforms such as hospitals, anti-cancer centers, shopping malls, etc. It stores medical data such as NKCL history and clinical results in a private block chain and operates a medical big data trading platform. Users can receive token compensation by providing their own medical data, and various medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies can utilize the medical data to contribute to medical development.

NKCL ecosystem

Blockchain based on Double-Chain

NKCL configures blockchain as a double chain. Payment made using tokens is implemented on the Public Blockchain, where anyone can freely inquire transactions, enabling transparent settlement. Medical data such as NKCL treatment history and clinical results can be recorded on Private Blockchain, which is available to only qualified participants who have undergone separate certifications, and thus can be stored, viewed, and distributed more safely and quickly.

Blockchain based on Double-Chain

Block Chain Technology Value

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    Provide customers with reliable NKCL culture results (FACS) to safely and transparently manage cultures and procedures.

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    By storing the customer's medical data on the block chain, it can be accessed through simple authentication anywhere in the world. Treatments and concierge services are available anywhere.

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    Customers receive token rewards by providing their own medical data, and medical providers such as medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies produce virtuous cycle cycles that contribute to medical advancement through relevant medical data.

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    NKCL Builds credible clinical data by combining medical data into a block chain.