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NKCL Bio Group, ‘Introduction of NK cell therapy and anti-aging solution program’ at Maeil Business TV’s ‘High Praise Company’

NKCL 2022.10.31 18:05


On October 12th, the filming of Maeil Economy TV’s 'High Praise Company' was held at NKCL Bio Group.


Maeil Business TV's 'High Praise Company' is a program that delivers useful information by introducing the outstanding technologies of companies leading the Korean economy, such as introducing the unique technology and development process related to NK cell culture of NKCL Bio Group.


NKCL Bio Group is a biotech company that has its own technology in culturing 'NK cells', which are known as representative natural killer cells that are responsible for the most important immune system in our body and indicate the immune status of our body.


NKCL Bio Group Chairman Shin, Donghwa, who appeared on the broadcast, revealed the process of developing NK cell therapy, which is drawing attention as a next-generation anti-cancer treatment, NKCL's high cell yield and maximum cell activity can be confirmed, and future plans for entering the biopharmaceutical consignment development and production(CDMO) business.


In addition, as the preclinical treatment of RK-NKTM cell therapy has been completed, there are currently no side effects and no resistance is generated. Based on the successful preclinical results of NK cell therapy, the CRO contract for clinical 1/2a has been completed, and clinical trials are currently under discussion with 11 university hospitals and medical institutions.


It introduced also the NK Immune series and NK Immune Cream, which are used in the ‘JUST 10 MINUTE RKNK anti-aging solution program’, which is called a skin aging improvement program. In this video, you can check the stability and skin improvement effect through the Before & After images of the anti-aging solution experience cases.


The RKNK anti-aging solution program provides 1:1 customized solution according to the individual skin condition and the degree of aging through communication with customers.


A side from these, useful information that can be easily managed at home for customers interested in home care, such as NK Sleep Brain, which increases daily attention and immunity after inducing deep sleep through its own program by measuring the user's brain waves can also be checked.


Furthermore, NKCL contributes to the realization of mass production and popularization of NK cell therapy by developing and constructing its own GMP Automatic Culture System incorporating AI technology, which is its main competitiveness, by replacing the existing high-end manpower and improving production efficiency by more than 100 times.


On the other hand, only a small part of the NK cell culture room and laboratory shots were filmed due to the security of the culture system and ‘High Praise Company’ featuring NKCL Bio Group can be watched again through NKCL's official YouTube channel.