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What is NK cell (Natural Killer Cell)?

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What is NK cell (Natural Killer Cell)?


Immune cell therapy

In the past, chemotherapy treatments were limited to resection, anti-cancer drugs, and radiation therapy. However, recently, immune cell therapy for treating cancer by increasing the immunity of the patient has been attracting attention. It uses the body’s natural defense mechanism immune system to treat cancer so it has no serious side



Immune cell therapy – NK cell


Among them, NK cells (Natural Killer Cell) is a kind of white blood cell that is responsible for immunity in our body. It is a rare cell which is only 5% ~ 10% of lymphocytes. NK cells have the ability to distinguish between self and non-self. NK cells recognize the abnormal cells including cancer cells through their ability to recognize non-self cells and kill them instantaneously.


How do NK cells kill cancer cells?


How NK cells kill cancer cells  Inducing suicide of cancer cell

How NK cells kill cancer cells  Inducing suicide of cancer cell


NK cells secrete granzyme B, which transforms DNA when it encounters cancer cells, and cuts DNA of cancer cells, causing cancer cells to kill themselves.



How NK cells kill cancer cells  Destroy by expanding them



How NK cells kill cancer cells  Destroy by expending them


NK cells secrete perforin that punctures the cancer cells’ membranes, and they explode the cancer cells by injecting water or ions into the open holes.

Why are we interested in immune cell therapy NK cells?

1. NK cells remove cancer cells that occur every day.


NK cells remove cancer cells that occur every day. Healthy people without disease also have about 5,000 cancer cells a day. However, NK cell-centered immune cells kill cancer cells and do not get cancer.



2. Prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis.


NK cells are present in the blood. Since it affects the whole body through the circulating blood, it is effective for progressive cancer with transfer in several areas and kills completely unremoved cancer cells to prevent recurrence or metastasis.


3. NK cells attack cancer cells which T-cells cannot attack.


Cells recognize the signals sent by cancer cells and attack cancer cells. Once cancer cells have been attacked by T-cells, they are resistant and do not send out signals or transmit signals that are altered to avoid attacks by T-cells. However, NK cells can attack without the signal from the cancer cells, effectively eliminating the cancer cells that T-cells miss.


4. Strengthen immunity against cancer.


NK cells not only kill cancer cells, but they also secrete cytokine, which controls the entire immune system.



5. Synergistic effects occur when combined with conventional chemotherapy.

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