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NK cell therapy (immune-cell therapy) that can be combined with chemotherapy

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[NKCL] NK cell therapy (immune-cell therapy) that can be combined with chemotherapy


NK cell therapy (immune-cell therapy) that can be combined with chemotherapy

The most common cancer treatment methods available are surgery, anti-cancer therapy, and radiation therapy. The purpose of this treatment is to remove cancer cells, which can be effective in removing cancer cells, but they are accompanied by various side effects and aftereffects due to damage to body tissues, cell damage, etc. However, NK cell therapy focuses on activating and proliferating immune cells that protect our bodies, and making our own bodies able to fight cancer. The advantage of NK cells is that they can induce cancer cells to die naturally, and help to quickly regenerate tissues and cells damaged by cancer treatment, and there are only few side effects.


Q. Is it possible to treat cancer only with NK cell therapy (immune cell therapy)?

Of course it is possible. NK cells are a type of white blood cell that has the ability to recognize and instantly kill abnormal cells, including cancer cells. NK cell therapy (immune cell therapy) is performed by extracting NK cells from patient’s own blood, culturing them in vitro, and then injecting them into the patient’s body. The activated and multiplied immune cells circulate the whole body through the blood, killing only the cancer cells without harming the normal cells. In addition to killing cancer cells, NK cells also secrete cytokines to regulate the immune system, increasing immunity and the ability to fight cancer.




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Q. So why is NK cell therapy (immune cell therapy) combined with other chemotherapy?

Combined with NK cell therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy can create synergistic effects, which can further enhance treatment efficiency. It is also most effective to treat NK cells in parallel with other cancer treatments because they delay resistance to cancer drugs that can occur in cancer treatments, increase immunity and ability to fight cancer.




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