Personalized Immune Cell Treatment NKCL Classic

NKCL Bio Group has completed its preparation to sign MOA with 500 hospitals in China, targeting global markets.

윤지현 2020.02.18 13:56
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NKCL바이오그룹 중국 500개 병원에 MOA채결 준비 완료.jpg

Shin Dong hwa, chairman of NKCL bio Group (second photo, third from left) visited Qingdao Yishengjian General Hospital (first photo) and met the hospital director, Dong Xiaoguang (second picture, second from left) to sign MOA.

After NKCL Bio Group has successfully celebrated its construction start ceremony of GMP certified automated cultivation system, it continues its global move focusing on overseas expansion. 

On January 13, NKCL Bio Group is looking forward to sign MOA with China-TSRH Association which has more than 500 hospitals in China. Qingdao Yishengjian General Hospital, where MOA ceremony will be held, is one of the hospitals affiliated with the China-TSRH Association that is fully equipped by combining eastern and western technologies to specialize in orthopedic surgery with outpatient care, acupuncture rehabilitation, hospital rooms and operating rooms. Pain and arthritis treatments through NKCL will be implemented and it is expected to attract cancer patients.

This MOA indicates the global expansion of NKCL, and not only domestically but internationally proves its technological competitiveness and its value. By signing MOA with 500 hospitals, NKCL is going one step further to realize the popularization of immune cell treatments and will be the good news to those of patients who were waiting for personalized immune-care using NK immune cells.

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NKCL Classic, a new brand coin of NKCL, has launched.

At the same time, NKCL launched and presented NKCL Classic, hereinafter referred to as ‘NCLE,’ the first brand coin that will be used with immune care platform. NCLE is the representative brand coin under the bio field and it has high value as the coin for NK immune cell treatment. And only a limited number of NCLE will be released with a total of 21 million, therefore its value is expected to increase further.

Industry expects that NCLE will grow into one of the few Altcoins that use 4 to 8 digits of Satoshi decimal points like the Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Having Malaysia in the center, many global users across the Asia region will be influx with NCLE, and it will draw and accelerates NKCL’s inflow into the global market in the future. With the launch of NCLE, it is expected to increase the value and scarcity of NKCL.

NKCL is a Korean Bio Incorporation that researches and develops the immune cell treatment using NK cells to realize personalized immune care. As NK Cells have the ability to recognize and destroy abnormal cells, including cancer cells, They manage the human body’s immunity and spotlighted as a Next Generation’s Cancer Treatment.

NKCL Bio Group is looking forward to complete GMP certified automated cultivation system and having its goal of popularizing immune cell treatment., it is expected to lead not only anti-cancer treatment, but also various bio industry fields of anti-aging, auto immune disease, hair loss, and cell-beauty.

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