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NKCL Bio Group Inc. wins ‘Korea Superb Brand Award 2020’

NKCL 2020.02.18 13:57

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NKCL Bio Group Inc. (Hereinafter NKCL Bio Group) received grand award at ‘Promising Brand (Immune Care Platform)’ section in ‘Korea Superb Brand Award 2020’ ceremony, which was hosted by Han-Kyung BUSINESS of Korea Economic Magazine and organized by the Korea Marketing forum on 21th January, 2020.

At the awards ceremony held at The Riverside Hotel in Seoul, NKCL ranked first in ‘Promising Brand (Immune Care Platform)’ section for its highly recognized cutting-edge biotechnology to provide personalized NK Immune Cell Treatment.

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Korea Superb Brand Award selects and give awards to companies every year whose brand values are approved to be excellent. Companies undergoes thorough screening where criteria includes brand awareness and its growth potential. Among many of the companies, NKCL is known as the first company from bio-industry to win the award.

Meanwhile, in December last year, the chairman of NKCL Bio Group, Shin Dong-Hwa has received the grand award in “New Intellectuals” section of “10 People who Illuminated Korea 2019” award ceremony hosted by the Korean Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee. And NKCL Bio Group was acknowledged as a leader of the next generation new intellectual industry.

NKCL Bio Group is a bio-enterprise that researches and develops Immune Cell Treatment using NK Immune Cell. With its competitiveness in technology including Targeted Treatment, Automated NK Cell Cultivation System and etc., The company expands into the world-wide Immune anti-cancer market which worth 100 billion dollars, as well as anti-aging and beauty markets.

NKCL Bio Group’s main competitiveness is NK Immune Cell Automated System. NKCL Bio Group breaks away from the traditional cultivation method where every process was relied upon highly specialized researchers. Instead, the company automated NK cell cultivation by introducing Artificial Intelligence that finds by itself an optimal environment for cultivation. On December 30th last year, NKCL held construction start ceremony of NK Cell GMP Automated System which is around 3,300 square meters at Dongtan New City, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province.

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The chairman of NKCL Bio Group, Shin Dong-Hwa said, “We focused on enhancing brand value in 2019, and we will concentrate on increasing the number of NKCL’s actual users”

To this end, NKCL Bio group had signed MOA with China-TSRH Association whose members include around 500 general and semi-commercial hospitals. NKCL’s pain clinic and arthritis treatment will be held in affiliated hospitals of China-TSRH association. The treatment will gather the cancer patients as well. Also, NKCL Bio Group is launching various retail items covered with its brand concept, “Personalized Immunity Care Platform”. On Christmas Eve, December 24th last year, “NKCL Dried-Biocelluous Mask Pack” was released. It plans to launch ‘DNA Navigator’, ‘NK Blue Anti-Oxi Cosmetic’ line, NKCL Cordycepin Anti-Cancer Tea and Anti-Cancer Rice (Yellow Rice) to target overseas customers in full scale.

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