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NKCL Bio Group acquired ‘T-4 grade’ certification as an excellent technology company by Nice Evaluation Information

NKCL 2022.06.13 17:59


NKCL Bio Group Inc. (Chairman Dong-Hwa Shin, hereinafter referred to as NKCL) announced that it had acquired a ‘T-4’ grade, an excellent company certification at Technology Credit Bureau(TCB) by NICE evaluation information, a nationally accredited technology credit rating agency.


The Tech Credit Bureau comprehensively analyzes and evaluates a company's technological progess by 4 items, such as technology, marketability, business feasibility, and management capability, and is divided into 10 grades from T-1 to T-10. The ‘T-4’ grade obtained by NKCL this time is the highest grade that a privately held SME(small and medium-sized enterprises) can receive, which is equivalent to a grade given to companies with excellent technology for the KOSDAQ technology special listing.


It is a very rare case that a company like NKCL, who has been in business for 2 years, has been selected, this technology evaluation has recognized the excellent technology of NKCL Bio Group in the field of cell culture.



NKCL Bio Group, a leading biotech company, researches and develops NK immunotherapy using 'NK cells', which are responsible for the most important immune system in our body.


The core of the development of NK cell therapy, which is called the next-generation anticancer therapy due to its targeted treatment ability against cancer cells, is the mass proliferation technology of NK cells. By improving the existing NK cell activity, NKCL Bio Group Inc. has significantly increased the anticancer effect.


According to the industry, the domestic pharmaceutical bio market is investing intensively in the development of new drugs and CDMO (consignment development and production) to secure competitiveness in the next-generation cell therapy and gene therapy field. Including Samsung Biologics, GC Cell, NK Max, and Box Cell Bio are continuing their active investment to secure competitiveness in the CDMO field.


Accordingly, NKCL is also building a full-fledged system so that CDMO (Contract Development a nd Manufacturing Company) in the field of NK cell therapy focusing on the immunity, the keyword of the business, can proceed smoothly.

Recently, NKCL plans to accelerate the R&D and production process of NK cell therapy products by acquiring 3 new patents: a polymer nanoparticle-based anticancer vaccine composition, a dendritic cell cancer treatment, and a composition for preventing and treating cancer.


NKCL Bio Group’s Chairman Dong-hwa Shin said, “The share of next-generation biopharmaceuticals, NK cell therapy, is gradually increasing in the global pharmaceutical and bio market. As clinical trials usually account for more than half of the process for developing new drugs, NKCL is also conducting anticancer efficacy clinical trials on safety regarding RK-NKTM.”

Once the clinical trial is completed, we expect to receive a higher score in the valuation as a technology company,” he added.