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NKCL Bio Group Inc. participates in Korea’s first ‘2022 International Virus & Bacteria Industry Expo’

NKCL 2022.07.14 16:06


The 2022 Virus and Bacteria Trend Conference will be held, where domestic bacteria and virus-related companies come together to share the latest information and future strategies in the field.


NKCL Bio Group Inc.(NKCL) has announced that it will participate in the '2022 International Virus and Bacteria Industry Expo (ViBac 2022)', to be held at COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.


The '2022 International Virus and Bacteria Industry Expo (ViBac 2022)', which was finally selected as the exhibition with the highest future growth potential in the 1st Seoul Exhibition Planning Competition hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, is an international industry expo where related companies such as vaccines, bio, and microbiome gather for the first time in Korea.


This exhibition is organized in the form of section exhibitions considering the characteristics of each industry. Korea Health Industry Development Institute, the Korean Hospital Association, the Korea Beauty Industry Trade Association, and the new infectious disease mRNA vaccine project group will participate together with NKCL Bio Group in 5 sections; Pharmaceutical/bio (vaccine/microbial antibiotics, etc.), R&D (including bio/gene analysis equipment), microbiome (cosmetics), diagnosis and quarantine (diagnostic equipment, quarantine equipment, etc.), F&D utilizing microorganisms (health functions such as probiotics food).


As a result of research and development of NK cells for over 10 years, NKCL Bio Group has set the 'Prsonalized Imune Care Platform' as its business direction, and built a GMP certified NK cell automated culture facility. Also It has been developing a business area specialized in immune care in all directions, such as helping to boost immunity in hospitals.


At the 2022 International Virus and Bacteria Industry Expo (ViBac 2022), which will be held for two days from July 18, 2022, NKCL Bio Group Inc. will introduce an anti-aging program called 'JUST 10 MINUTE 10 MIRACLE', which is newly launched this year. Customers who visit the booth for the program are provided with NK Immune Water, a premium deep-sea water launched and sold by NKCL.


NKCL's ambitious anti-aging program released this year has used NKCL's unique NK cell culture medium development technology that utilizes the characteristics of NK cells to the fullest. Customized treatment is possible according to the skin condition and type of each patient, and the degree of aging.


In addition, by using nano-spot focusing technology that does not cause skin pain, it penetrates deeper, so that you can quickly experience skin improvement effects such as skin regeneration, toxin discharge, inflammation relief, and lifting in a short period of time.


NKCL's anti-aging program is emerging as an optimal solution to increase customer satisfaction for skin anti-aging. It not only improves deep wrinkles and fine lines, but it can also take care of neck wrinkles such as elasticity enhancement, complexion purification, skin barrier strengthening, and pore reduction.


The '2022 International Virus and Bacteria Industry Expo (ViBac 2022)' is expected to attract more than 10,000 visitors during the expo period.

A side event to share through seminars inviting world-renowned scholars will also be held. In the seminars, the future direction of the human race will be discussed through the development and current status of medical technology such as the Microbiome International Symposium and the Society for In Vitro Diagnostics.


An NKCL official said, “In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic that has struck the world, interest in the virus and health has increased. Among these, fields such as viruses, bacteria, vaccines, bio, and microbiome, which have emerged as global next-generation growth industries, are attracting attention. This expo will serve as a stepping stone for preoccupation of the bio-industry nurturing infrastructure and to grow into a global K-bio business.”


Meanwhile, this expo, which was prepared as the first international conference related to viruses and bacteria, is co-hosted by KOICO and Makers Union. Various local governments and related organizations such as Seoul Metropolitan Government and Korea Beauty Industry Trade Association (KOBITA) started sponsoring the fair, including Korea Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Association, the Korean Hospital Association, the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency, the Korea Pharmaceutical Import and Export Association, and the Korea Global Pharmaceutical Industry Association.


The '2022 International Virus and Bacteria Industry Expo (ViBac 2022)' will be held at COEX Hall C1 in Gangnam-gu, Seoul for two days.


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