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‘NKCL Bio Group Inc.’ and ‘I Partners Group’ signed an MOU for innovative technology in the medical field

NKCL 2022.07.11 19:07


On July 4, NKCL Bio Group Inc. (CEO Shin, Donghwa) and I Partners Group (CEO Jung, Yiho) announced that they had signed an MOU for innovative technology in the medical field.


I Partners Group is a specialized company that supplies programs that combine in various areas; such as, medical device, health functional food business, advanced K-quarantine system responding to the COVID-19, COVID-19 rapid diagnosis kit and treatment center construction project incorporating Korea's advanced medical technology, and has recently entered Uzbekistan.


NKCL Bio Group is a bio-specialized company that builds an automatic NK cell culture system based on NK cell culture technology and supplies immunotherapy programs to the existing medical market.


Two companies, a company specializing in NK cells and a company, expert in medical industry, collaborate to introduce K-bio technology to the Uzbekistan medical market.


Prior to this, in the first half of 2022, NKCL Bio Group successfully concluded MOU for mutual cooperation and partnership with China's YIDUOYI BIO to develop the Chinese market in the NK cell and anti-aging business. NKCL Bio Group plans to apply these business details to the I Partners Group.


This MOU is based on NKCL's differentiated cell therapy technology and I Partners Group's business capabilities. The purpose is to create business opportunities and improve business profits through the development of various products and services and designation of preferred bidders. In particular, the VIP treatment center business, immune cell treatment, etc., and health functional food business will be promoted as differentiating points.


In addition, the two companies are proceeding the local approval for the purpose of cooperation in NK cell therapy at the Uzbekistan Cancer Center, and are seeking cooperation in various fields such as immune checkup program, NK cell automatic culture platform, immunotherapy, and anti-aging program, based on NKCL's original technology.

In Uzbekistan, mortality due to non-communicable diseases, including cancer, accounts for about 80% of all deaths. Uzbekistan has been evaluated as lacking opportunities for radiation therapy and other cancer treatment due to insufficient infrastructure for medical supply compared to the demand.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan has recently drafted a national medical plan for the prevention and control of cancer and other chronic non-communicable diseases (NCD) and invited an advisory group to implement it. As Uzbekistan government is accelerating the securing of cancer treatment infrastructure, the results of this MOU is promising.


NKCL Bio Group’s Chairman Shin, Donghwa said, “Through this agreement, we will actively cooperate in various fields to provide hope to those suffering from non-communicable diseases, including severe cancer patients in Uzbekistan.”