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“NKCL Bio Group successfully held The 1st Thanks Day” Festival

NKCL 2022.02.25 20:56

Celebrating the February opening of a Personalized NK cell Automatic Culture System and Human Immune Center


NKCL Bio Group, a brand specializing in ‘Personalized Immune Care’, held ‘The 1st Thanks Day’ festival at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Grand Ballroom on the 22nd.


NKCL Bio Group, a bio company that researches and develops NK immune cell therapy, has patents and original technology for NK cell culture medium addition kit and culture method. ‘NK cells’ are immune cells in the body that have the ability to kill abnormal cells, and are effective in eliminating cancer cells and anti-aging.


In the presentation of '2022 NKCL Innovation Strategy and the Future', CEO Yoon Ji-hyun said, "Microsoft founder Bill Gates mentioned that the three things that will change the world are immuno-oncology drugs, the microbiome, and the treatment for dementia.", mentioning the promise of immuno-oncology and microbiome technology that NKCL Bio Group is focussed on. The global immuno-oncology drugs market is expected to grow 17% annually from 2017, and reach approximately $103.4 bn in 2024 taking 44% of the total anticancer drug market($233 bn).(source: GBI Research).

In addition, with the completion of an Automated Immune Cell Culture platform based on artificial intelligence in February, she emphasized that “By enabling mass-produced and popularized immune cell therapy optimized for each individual, more people, including terminal cancer patients, can take the NK immune cell therapy.”

“We anticipate, declare, and move forward that the standards we set will become the world's standard in the immune market in the future. For the healthy aging of the global population, by the Automated Cull Culture system designed to meet GMP certifications-all KGMP/EUGMP/cGMP”said the CEO expressing the anticipation for the ripple effect of NKCL Bio Group's Automated Culture System in the global immuno-oncology market.


Existing production of immune cell therapies relies on specialized researchers for the entire process of customized culture, so there was a barrier to entry due to high prices. NKCL Bio Group's automatic culture system is expected to dramatically lower the cost of the existing expensive immune cell therapy by improving productivity by more than 100 times compared to the existing manual production method.

Shin Dong-hwa, chairman of NKCL Bio Group, said, “When everyone says it’s impossible, NKCL has made a creative idea into realization and achieved an ‘NK cell culture automation system’ with own original technology. In this era of virus outbreak, for modern people who suffers from cancer with a chance of 1/3, we, NKCL Bio Group, will take responsibility for human health with more advanced treatments and systems.” He also said, “In the future, beyond Korea, we will grow into a world-class company leading the global biopharmaceutical market worth about 330 trillion won as of 2020.”


The 1st Thanks Day event was an online and offline hybrid event that invites about 300 VIPs and partners and implements simultaneously a zoom live system and YouTube real-time streaming that can accommodate about 3,000 people. At the end of the event, where the atmosphere was heightened by singer Sohyang's performance, MC, the Professor Kim Chang-ok, gave a special mini-lecture for the NKCL Bio Group, receiving evaluations of suggesting a new paradigm for the existing corporate events.

In addition, a total of 500 million won worth of Lucky Draws were held for online and offline participants, intriguing many people in various ways.


Meanwhile, NKCL Bio Group provides personalized immune checkup and treatment programs through cooperation with Dongtan's "NK Immune Therapy Center (NK Dongtan Clinic)." The NK Immune Therapy Center is a comprehensive medical flex mall, consists of an Immune Therapy Center, an Immune Checkup Center, an Immune Drustore, and an immun cafe.