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NKCL Bio Group, established an Automatic Culture System for NK immune cell culture

NKCL 2022.03.21 14:47


On February 22, NKCL Bio Group held a ceremony for the completion of the automatic cell culture system at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Grand Ballroom. NKCL Bio Group, which set a platform for the popularization of NK immune cells, announced plans to accelerate the business by the completion of an automated culture system that combines artificial intelligence and cell culture technology.


NKCL Bio Group is a company specializing in 'personalized immune care' that researches and develops NK immune cell therapy with patents and original technology for a medium addition kit and culture method for NK cell culture. NK immune cells, also called natural killer cells, are immune cells in the body with the ability to kill abnormal cells, and are effective in eliminating cancer cells and anti-aging.


NKCL Bio Group introduces a variety of product lineup such as bottled water, dry food, and cosmetics and plans to launch various product groups in the future.


Shin Dong-hwa, chairman of NKCL Bio Group, said, Among the various product lines, our cosmetics containing NK cell culture medium not only regenerate, but also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial functions, which helps the elderly to regenerate skin and improve troubles, also is effective for atopy and psoriasis. In addition, NK Cordycep Gold 300 is cordycepin cultured from rice as a host. The content of cordycepin is 5 to 10 times higher than that of wild cordyceps, which is difficult to cultivate. Cordycepin, a core raw material, acts as an anticancer agent, so it plays an auxiliary role in cancer treatment, helps prevent cancer recurrence, and is effective in improving diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure.


NKCL Bio Group's strength lies in its automated culture system that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI).


Existing NK cell culture has relied on specialized researchers for the entire process. With this method, it is difficult to secure scarce, high-quality manpower, and the number of culture cases that can be managed per researcher is limited to a maximum of 3 people per day, so there is a limitation to productivity. On the other hand, the GMP automatic culture system with artificial intelligence finds the optimal culture environment for NK cell culture and enables culture up to 300 people per day. In other words, it can be 100 times more efficient than before.


NKCL Bio Group Chairman Shin Dong-hwa said, In the automatic cell culture system, expert data and know-how are combined with artificial intelligence, so that the optimal culture environment for each individual can be determined by AI. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to block concerns about human error and technology leakage. By introducing an automatic cell culture system, labor and production costs can be greatly reduced, thereby reducing the cost of treatment, realizing mass production and popularization of NK cell therapy.


NKCL's automated culture system consists of a GMP certified culture line, a controlled environment change line, a transport line, and a packaging line, etc. The entire line is to be managed through the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and all production history (production management, history management, tracking management system) and patient biodata are recorded and safely stored and distributed by block chain technology.


Meanwhile, NKCL Bio Group, which has been providing personalized immune checkup and treatment programs, plans to establish an NK immune therapy center in cooperation with hospitals nationwide, including Dongtan, Busan, Yangsan, and Gwangju, in the first half of this year. To this end, it is establishing a diagnosis and treatment system by sharing programs on immunotherapy in collaboration with major domestic hospitals.

The NK Immune Therapy Center will consist of a comprehensive medical flex mall, an immune checkup center, an immunotherapy center, an immune drug store, and an immune cafe.


In addition, NKCL Bio Group plans to enter the CDMO market as it has built an automatic culture system. At the same time, the company plans to expand its product lineup while spurring overseas expansion such as China and Malaysia.


Shin Dong-hwa, Chairman of NKCL Bio Group, said, We are developing a product line to improve immunity and treat diseases. But more important than treatment is prevention. In particular, as the average lifespan of modern people is increasing and the age of 100 years old approaching, immunity is important to live a healthier and more energetic life in old age. and it has to be managed continuously from a young age, he said.

"Our goal is to contribute to helping many people lead a long and healthy life, by focusing on supplementing and enhancing people's immunity," he added.




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