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NKCL Bio Group Inc., Signed Strategic Partnership MOU with YIDUOYI BIO in China

NKCL 2022.04.27 15:41

MOU-체결.png Group Inc. (‘NKCL’) announced on the 21st that it had signed an MOU for mutual cooperation and partnership with China's Heilongjiang Yiduoyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (‘YIDUOYI BIO’) to develop the Chinese market in the NK cell and anti-aging business.


YIDUOYI BIO is an affiliate in charge of the bio business to commercialize the business agreement with NKCL Bio Group., newly established by China Endless Experience Co., Ltd..


NKCL Bio Group Inc. is a company that builds an automatic culture system based on NK cell-related culture technology and develops a full-fledged immunotherapy-related program. Shin Dong-Hwa, CEO of NKCL, has announced through the media his ambition to enter into the Chinese market as a core business of NKCL in 2022.


As the immunity-related market is expected to grow explosively in the future due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, YIDUOYI BIO in China had announced its intention to sign a partnership for the development of the immune-related market in China to respond more quickly to the Chinese market, which expedited the process.


Beyond simple technical cooperation or commercialization, the MOU contains practical and permanent cooperation, including establishment of NK Human Immunotherapy Center, NK cell automatic culture center and anti-aging center in the China,  NKCL Immune Bakery chain business, Nurturing excellent human resources in the bio field through industry-university cooperation between Korea and China in the NK cell field, etc.


In addition, Endless Experience Co., Ltd. is planning to advance into China more quickly with biotechnology-based services and products owned by NKCL based on the so-called green pathway policy, which is called China's fast track policy. The Green Passage Policy is a policy that grants the benefits of greatly easing the existing complex licensing and customs procedures for companies, services, and products of a certain level and scale in order to stimulate external economic exchange and lead the development of high-tech industries. It can be said that it is the result of being recognized for excellence in cell culture technology and related services and products of NKCL.


Endless Experience Co., Ltd., the parent company of YIDUOYI BIO, operates cord blood stem cell treatment business, cord blood stem cell banking (storage) business, bio cosmetics, and bio health functional food distribution business as its main businesses. Running a marketing affiliate with the largest number of influencers (Wang Hong) in China, it is evaluated as a specialized company that is growing a new influence beyond a simple bio company.


Through this MOU, the two companies plan to conduct joint marketing by actively utilizing each company's technological prowess and brand power, and aggressively expand the cell therapy business area in China in the future.


An official of NKCL has said, "We expect that NKCL's entry into the Chinese business, which has been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19, will be resumed based on the Chinese partnership with YIDUOYI BIO."


Meanwhile, in order to advance into the global market, NKCL Bio Group is pushing to advance into Dubai, Japan, the Philippines, and Myanmar in addition to China.


In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this agreement was conducted in writing without a separate agreement ceremony.


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