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NKCL Bio Group Inc.’s Next-Generation Anti-cancer Treatment ‘NK Cell Therapy’ aired in ‘Maeil Economic TV’ ‘Magazine Today’

NKCL 2022.05.03 16:18

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On April 28 (Thursday), Maeil Business TV's 'Magazine Today' introduced the 'NK Cell Therapy' of NKCL Bio Group Inc.(‘NKCL’, ‘NKCL Bio Group’).


Magazine Today is a representative comprehensive magazine program that easily delivers various information in daily life, such as companies, idea products, household goods, and financial technology that are being discussed.


NKCL is a specialized biotechnology company with unique technology in culturing 'NK cells', which are responsible for the most important immune system in our body.


Dong-hwa Shin, CEO of NKCL Bio Group Inc., who appeared on the broadcast, talked about the background of research and development of NK cell therapy, saying, “We conducted R&D to enhance individual immunity and provide opportunities for treatment and to contribute to the health of the people, and it has been commercialized thanks to successful results.”


NK cell therapy using NK cells is drawing attention as a next-generation anti-cancer therapy with targeted treatment capabilities for cancer cells. NKCL Bio Group is developing a therapeutic agent that significantly enhances the anticancer effect by applying its own cell culture technology that increases the proliferative power of NK cells by more than 100 times and by improving the activity of existing NK cells.


In addition, Dr. Dong-hyuk Shin, in charge of developing NK cell culture technology, said, “NK cells are very important immune cells that keep our body healthy. If the activity of NK cells is low and the mutant cells generated in our body are not properly removed, it will develop into cancer. Through the 'NK cell activation test', you can evaluate your own cell activity, and it provides cognitive information that allows people with a previous medical history to estimate the likelihood of recurrence."


An official from NKCL Bio Group said, “For all diseases, prevention and screening are more important than treatment after they occur. At the Dongtan Human Immune Center in cooperation with NKCL Bio Group, you can take the NK cell Activation Tests, Immunity Primary Tests, Immunity Basic Tests, Immunity In-Depth Tests and Immunity Special Tests.

We are building a close cooperation system with Hanyang University and domestic partner hospitals. In order to advance into the cell therapy market in the future, we will move on to the biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) business.”


In addition, NK Immune Water of NKCL, introduced in the broadcast, is a premium natural mineral water made from domestic deep sea water as its main ingredient. NK Immune Water is focused on strengthening the immune function through water intake in daily life. As a result, it is known that it is gaining popularity among those who value health and immunity.


Meanwhile, Magazine Today, featuring NKCL Bio Group, can be viewed through NKCL's official YouTube channel, and only a small portion of the NK cell culture lab and laboratory shots were filmed due to the security of the culture system.