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NKCL Bio Group Inc. achieved SCI Information Service Excellent Technology Company ‘T-5 Grade’ Certification

NKCL 2022.06.03 17:21


NKCL Bio Group Inc. announced on the 3rd that it had obtained the 'T-5' grade, an excellent company certification from the 'SCI’ Tech Credit Bureau, a technology credit evaluation company.


The Tech Credit Bureau comprehensively analyzes and evaluates a company's technological prowess, such as technology, marketability, business feasibility, and management capability, and is divided into 10 grades from T-1 to T-10. The ‘T-4’ grade obtained by NKCL this time corresponds to the condition equivalent to the KOSDAQ technology special listing, is a grade given to companies with excellent technology and corresponds to the highest grade that small and medium-sized enterprises can receive.


It is a very rare case that a company like NKCL, who has been in business for 2 years, has been selected, this technology evaluation has recognized the excellent technology of NKCL Bio Group.


NKCL Bio Group Inc., a leading biotech company, established in 2019 as a specialized brand for 'Personalized Immune Care', established NK cell culture technology and developed a GMP automatic culture system capable of mass production of NK cell.


NKCL is continuously researching and developing NK cell therapeutics and immune care products that can help boost immunity, centering on the keyword, immunity.


In addition, it has patents and source technology for a medium addition kit and culture method for NK cell, and is expanding its global marketing activities by introducing various immune care products and bio programs such as bottled water, health functional food, and cosmetics.


Chairman Shin, Dong-hwa said, “Currently, clinical trials for RK-NKTM anti-cancer efficacy test and safety are in progress, and when clinical approval is completed, we expect to receive a higher score in the valuation as a technology company.” As we have been recognized for our technological progress and future growth potential, we will continue to create a business model that enables sustainable growth through expansion into various fields, such as investing in R&D and nurturing talent to lead technology development in the future.”


He added, “We plan to establish a full-fledged system so that CDMO for NK cell therapy can proceed smoothly.”

Meanwhile, NKCL Bio Group has won the NK cell therapy category at the '2022 National Consumer-Centered Brand Grand Prize' hosted by the Dong-A Ilbo and won the '2021 Future Creative Management Excellent Company Award' sponsored by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Ministry of Science and ICT for two consecutive years. It has a history of being objectively evaluated and recognized for its efforts in the past.