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[NKCL Bio Group Inc., prop sponsoring new SBS Drama, ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ with NK Immune Water]

NKCL 2021.11.16 10:51



[NK Immune Water, prop sponsoring a new SBS Drama ‘Now, we are breaking up.’

A picture provided by NKCL Bio Group Inc.]

NKCL Bio Group Inc. supported a new SBS emotional melodrama, ‘Now We Are Breaking up,’ first aired on last Friday the 12th in kind through NK Immune Water prop sponsorship.

NK Immune Water, which applied the technology of NKCL Bio Group, the immunity researching and developing incorporate, has exposed at the popular dramas of <Hospital Playlist 2>, <High Class>, <On the verge of Insanity>, <Let Me Be Your Night>, and etc.



The drama, ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up,’ starring Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong, received viewers’ great expectations even before the airing with the synopsis development of a hot and fierce passionate melodrama. Moreover, besides of two main characters, Choi Hee Seo, Joo Jin Mo, Oh Se Hoon, Ki Eun Se etc., tremendous acting actor and actress line up was enough to drew viewers’ favorable reviews from the first episode aired. The drama ranked in the first place in the same timeline with a 10.5% of viewer rating.


NK Immune Water, with a slogan of ‘closest water to my body’, is a premium deep-sea water that supplies the most ideal minerals for our body. It has a characteristic of rapid absorption in the body with mineral balance of Magnesium 3 : Calcium 1 : Potassium 1, which is similar to human body fluid. 


There are only 5 nations, including Korea, where can produce deep sea water in worldwide. It is safe and clean to drink because the sunlight cannot reach, its clear separation from the surface of ocean water blocks the external contamination and reproduction of micro-organisms.


In general, groundwater or bottled water contains only 10-20 mineral content hardness, however NK Immune Water contains high 200 hardness. This indicates that NK Immune Water contains human body necessary natural minerals plentiful. In addition, minerals of NK Immune Water helps increasing immunity with various functions such as blood pressure control, immunity improvement, diabetes improvement, etc.


Meanwhile, NK Immune Water has selected and won the award of ‘2021 the Best Brand of consumers’ choice’ held by Chosun Media. NKCL Bio Group official said that ‘NKCL Bio Group honorably has awarded at the ‘2021 the Best Brand of consumers’ choice,’ along with LG Dios, Starbucks, Chevrolet, Air Days, San Pellegrino etc.” Also said, “NKCL will constantly keep its hard work to become ‘the best brand’ that is trusted by consumers.”