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NKCL Bio Group won the grand prize in the NK cell therapy category at the ‘2022 National Award of Consumer-Oriented Brand’.

NKCL 2022.02.25 18:48


On the 23rd, NKCL Bio Group won the grand prize in the NK cell therapy category at the 2022 National Award of Consumer-Oriented Brand.


The 2022 National Award of Consumer-Oriented Brand is an awards ceremony hosted by the Dong-A Ilbo and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and the Korea Brand Management Association. This award was established to contribute to the development of a sustainable future and national competitiveness.


NKCL Bio Group is a Korean bio company that researches and develops NK cell therapy using NK immune cells, which are spotlighted as the next-generation 4th industry, through differentiated immune cell culture technology.


NKCL Biogroup's NK cell therapy is characterized by not putting any strain on the patient's body and having few side effects due to a personalized process. It is a targeted therapy that discovers and suppresses key regulatory factors effective in the treatment of abnormal cells, enough to be called the fourth anticancer therapy, and it is also excellent in immune response and regulation in vivo to improve immune function of normal people.


In addition, we are leading the mass production and popularization of cutting-edge NK cell therapy products through the GMP automatic culture system that introduces artificial intelligence beyond the limits of existing cell therapy products.


Meanwhile, NKCL Bio Group is currently providing personalized immune checkup and treatment programs through cooperation with Dongtan's 'NK Immune Therapy Center (Dongtan NK Clinic)'. NK Immune Therapy Center consists of a comprehensive medical flex mall, such as NK Immune Drug Store and NK Immune Cafe.


An official said, "The award was honored in recognition of the achievement of creating social value. As it has been recognized as an excellent company in NK cell therapy, we will fulfill our mission as a bio company that realizes the value of respect for life through continuous research and development of cell therapy with a sense of responsibility. In addition, NKCL Bio Group is being evaluated as a successful immune care brand such as NK Immune Bakery Cafe, products that incorporate the brand concept of immune care and has clearly imprinted its brand value.


The brand value has been recognized through the three major domestic media outlets by winning the 'Main Brand Grand Prize'.; following the selection of 'the best brand chosen by consumers in 2021' hosted by the Chosun Ilbo last year, NKCL Bio Group won the '2022 Most Recommended Brand by Customers' hosted by the JoongAng Ilbo in January, and this time 2022 National Award of Consumer-Oriented Brandsponsored by the Dong-A Ilbo.