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NKCL Bio Group & Hanyang University Personalized Medicine Research Institute signed MOA.

NKCL 2022.02.18 13:17


On the 16th, NKCL Bio Group signed a MOA with Hanyang Institute for Precision Therapeutics(HY-IPT) at ‘Hanyang University ERICA Campus’.

In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, Hanyang University's personalized medicine research institute has established a bio convergence core research group and core infrastructure that can lead the life science basics and convergence fields. It is predicted that full-cycle research will be conducted on smart disease diagnosis and treatment convergence technology from molecular level to clinical, such as drug delivery, bio big data, and bio artificial intelligence research.

Through this business agreement, it is more meaningful that not only the academic community but also related companies will be able to grow together through industry, academia, research, hospital, and government partnerships in the new industry of personalized medicine and life science.

Hanyang University's personalized medicine research center is operated with four research centers: customized drug development for cancer and geriatric diseases, customized immune drug development, and bio-big data artificial intelligence drug development.


NKCL Bio Group is the first company to sign a MOA with Hanyang Institute for Precision Therapeutics(HY-IPT).

Due to the spread of the Omicron virus, the signing ceremony was held with a minimum number of participants, including Dong-hwa Shin, hte Chairman of NKCL Bio Group  and Hye-myung Seo, Research Director of Hanyang University ERICA.

In addition to NKCL Bio Group, Hanyang Institute for Precision Therapeutics(HY-IPT) will cooperate with domestic pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies such as Dong-A Pharm, Kwangdong Pharm, Samjin Pharm, Kolon Pharm, LG Chem, Aju Pharm, and Huons.

Through this agreement, the two companies will lead cooperation in research and development projects, mutual information exchange, human resource development through development of subjects and educational programs and plan to strengthen cooperative relationship.

An official from the company said, “By establishing a partnership in the new industry of personalized medicine, we have been able to achieve the purpose of eradicating diseases and promoting health. We hope that joint research in areas such as personalized medicine and development of educational programs, to be actively carried out.”

In addition, he added, “Through the active mutual exchange of this educational development program and human resources nurturing project, we will discover immune experts with expertise, and we hope that it will serve as an opportunity for win-win development between the two institutions at a time when the interest and importance of immunity has increased due to COVID-19.”