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NKCL Bio Group sponsored props with K-POP online concert, co-hosted by LG U+ and KDDI.

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NK Immune Water exposed at the '2021 THE BOYZ & ATEEZ ONLINE LIVE: 2WILIGHT ZONE' 

[photograph provided by NKCL Bio Group Inc.]


NKCL Bio Group Inc. sponsored props for a non-contact K-POP concert ‘2021 THE BOYZ & ATEEZ ONLINE LIVE: 2WILIGHT ZONE.’


Sep 17th, NKCL Bio Group Inc.sponsored props with K-POP concert, '2021 THE BOYZ & ATEEZ ONLINE LIVE: 2WILIGHT ZONE.’ NKCL Bio Group Inc. has conducted PPLs for the various popular K-Dramas such as <On the Verge of Insanity> and <High Class>, etc.


‘2WILIGHT ZONE is an online concert, produced and aired by LG U+ KDDI, a Japanese telecommunication company. Popular idol groups THE BOYZ and ATEEZ has performed. The concert was on aired worldwide live via U+ Idol LIVE Channel. 


In a situation where holding large scaled events is difficult due to the social distancing caused by COVID-19, ‘2WILIGHT ZONE’ was planned to let K-pop fans and customers experience and entertain non-contact of K-pop stage. Especially, considering the worldwide popularity of K-pop as a brand, it increased accessibility of domestic and global fans by co-planning with overseas mobile telecommunication company.


NK Immune Water, which exposed at the ‘2WILIGHT ZONE,’ is a deep-sea water that is under the sea level of 200m depth. It is a clean sea water that is safe from environmental contamination due to it is located at the deep ocean where sunlight unable to reach.


It is rich in various inorganic salts and natural minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, that are necessary for human body, the water contains much higher mineral contents than groundwater or bottled water products.

Small water molecular particles aged for 2,000 years under the deep sea with mineral balance of Magnesium 3 : Calcium 1 : Potassium 1, which is similar to human body fluid, enable rapid absorption in the body.


NK Immune water has a standard size of 500ml and two versions in 350ml size which can be mixed and drink with water mixable NKCL products.


An official of NKCL Bio Group said “Through global popular K-pop Concert, it was possible to get closer to the worldwide customers,” and “NKCL is planning continuous global marketing activities in the future.”

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