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NKCL Bio Group Inc. supported production of tvN drama ‘Hospital Playlist 2.’

NKCL 2021.09.27 17:29


A tvN drama poster of the ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ (Photograph provided by NKCL Bio Group Inc.)

NKCL Bio Group Inc. is enjoying the effect of increasing sales with series of drama PPL production support. NKCL Bio Group is having production support of other popular dramas such as ‘On the Verge of Insanity,’ and ‘High Class’ etc. A NKCL official said, “There are constant inquires on NK Immune water even after end of the dramas,”

‘Hospital Playlist 2,’ production supported by NK Immune water, having hospital as a background where life and death co-exist, drawn various episodes between patients and doctors as a sincere narrative. The first season of ‘Hospital Playlist,’ on aired from March through May last year, drawn favorable reviews from its quality of work and the topic, with highest viewer rating of 14.1%. ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ also maintained its high viewership and ended as a happy ending story with its own highest viewer rating.

NK Immune water of NKCL Bio Group Inc., is an ocean water resource that has characteristic of low temperature and cleanness due to its existence of below a depth of 200m with high mineral contentment of plentiful minerals such as magnesium, calcium etc., compared to groundwater or bottled water.

There are only 5 nations, including Korea, where can produce deep sea water in worldwide and it is safe and clean to drink because its clear separation from the surface of ocean water due to lack of the sunlight, which block the external contaminations and reproduction of micro-organisms.

NK Immune water has a standard size of 500ml and two versions in 350ml size which can be mixed and drink with water mixable NKCL products.

The official said, “NKCL Bio Group supported the production of ‘Hospital Playlist2,’ since the drama is already popular for warm humanism episodes and it is well corresponding to the brand concept of NKCL Bio Group which producing and servicing programs of personalized immune care for each patient and customers.” And “Through various marking activities, NKCL is going to expand its marketing field and related activities broader to introduce NKCL and its brand to the wide spectrum of various age groups


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